Punks, Skins & Weirdos,

                                            If you find any errors on the site as  I'm not perfect. Please contact us, so we can fix promptly thanks for your assistance on the this in advanced. I want to make sure the site is as accurate as possible. Seeing as its an archive web site. So please, contact us at the email below along with any other inquires you may have. Your feedback is crucial in the growth and development of U4TM. Bands Please make sure your on either discogs or Bandcamp. So we can add you to the main band index.

                                      We no longer need Bio’s and Band info

as we see it more fit for Bands to add those things to discogs for

archive information for better accuracy. As far as U4TM radio

If your a new band you may send us whatever you want for air play. Although we do prefer demos mostly as they can be made cheaply without having to return. Any vinyl please have return

postage with your vinyl. We have bands from all over the world sending stuff to us so this is why we have to do it this way Thanks!