Cheap 'n' Nasty   (Netherlands - Leiden)

Cheater Slicks   (Boston, Ma - USA)

The Checkers   (United States - Geneva, NY

Checkmate   (France - Caen)                                        

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers   (Italy)

The Cheepskates   (US - New York, NY

The Chefs   (United Kingdom - Brighton)                      

Cheifs   (United States - Hollywood, CA)

Chelsea   (United Kingdom - London)

Chelsea Hotel   (Italy)

Chemical Waste   (United States - Fort Lee, NJ)

Chemotherapy   (US - West Lafayette, IN)

Cheruskerfront   (East Germany)

The Chesterfield Kings   (US - Rochester, NY)

C.H.E.W.   (Chicago,Ill - USA)

Chicaracachica  (Venezuela)

Chicken Bowels   (Japan - Hiroshima)

Chienne 50 Cents   (Canada - Quebec, Quebec)

Child Abuse   (United States - Denver, CO)

Child Bite    (Detroit, MI - US)

Child’s Pose   (London - UK)

The Child Hoods   (US - La Puente, CA)

The Child Molesters   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Child Support   (United States - Berkeley, CA)

Children In Adult Jails   (US - South Amboy, NJ)

Children's Crusade  (US - Cleveland, OH)

The Chills   (New Zealand - Dunedin)

Crime   (San Francisco, CA - USA)

Chim Chim Cheree! (West Germany - Düsseldorf)

China White   (US - Huntington Beach, CA)

Chin-Chin   (Biel, Switzerland)

Chocolate Factory   (West Germany - Hamburg)

The Choir Boys   (United States - Boston, MA)

Choir Invisible   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Choir of Pain   (United States - Seattle, WA)

Cholera   (Israel - Jerusalem)

Chokehold   (Canada)

Chopper   (United Kingdom)

The Chops   (Netherlands - Groningen)

The Chords   (United Kingdom - London)

Chorniy Lukich   (USSR)

Chosen Few   (USA , Vermont)

Chris and Cosey   (United Kingdom - London)

Christ on a Crutch   (US - Wash, DC, Richland)

Christ on Parade   (US - San Francisco, CA)         

Christian Death   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Christian Lunch   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Christianity BC   (United Kingdom)

Christmas   (United States - Boston, MA)

Chroma   (Barcelona, Spain)

Chromagain    (Italy)

Chromatics   (United States - Portland Oregon)

Chrome   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Chrome Reverse   (Paris, France)

The Chromosomes   (Italy Livorno)

Chron Gen   (United Kingdom - Hitchin)

Chronic   (US - Bradford, England)

Chronic Disorder   (US - South Windsor, CT)

Chronic Fear  (United States - Boonton, NJ)

Chronic Mass   (Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur)

Chronic Outbursts  (UK- Leighton Buzzard)

Chronic Seizure   (Chicago,Ill - USA)

Chronic Sick   (United States - Long Branch, NJ)

Chronic Submission   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

Chronical Diarrhoea   (Germany - Mühlheim)

Chronics  (United States - Cleveland, OH)

ChuDoku   (Japan - Chiba)

Chudo-Yudo   (USSR)

Chumbawamba   (United Kingdom - Leeds)

The Chumps   (United States - Washington, DC)


Church Daubers   (United Kingdom)

Church Police   (United States - Concord, CA)

Chuzpe   (Austria - Vienna)

CIA   (United States - Bridgeport, CT)

Cicatriz  (Spain - Vitoria-Gasteiz)

The Cichlids   (United States - Dania Beach, FL)

The Cigarettes   (United Kingdom - Lincoln)

Cinder   (Spain)

Cinderblock  (USA)

Cindytalk   (UK - Edinburgh, Scotland > London)

Cinecyde   (United States - Detroit, MI)

Circle Jerks   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Circle of Shit   (Italy)

The Circle of Sig-Tiu   (Germany)

Circle One   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Circle Seven   (US - Montana > Seattle, WA)

Circle X   (US - Louisville, KY > New York, NY)

The Circles   (UK - Wolverhampton)

Circuit 7   (UK)

Circus Lupus   (Madison, WI - USA)

Cirrosis   (Spain)

The Citadel    (Galanta, Slovakia)

Citizens Arrest   (United States - New York, NY)

City Indians   (United Kingdom - Derby)

City Kent   (Sweden)

City Kids   (France - Le Havre)

The City Limits    (UK)

City Motions  (Netherlands - Opperdoes)

City Rats   (Israel)

City Slitz   (New Zealand - Auckland)

City-X   (Denmark - Copenhagen)

Ciumas   (Ireland)

Civil Death   (United States - Tucson, AZ)

Civil Defense   (US - New bedford , MA)

Civil Defense    (US - St paul Minnesota)

Civil Disobedience   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Civil Disobedience  (US- Saginaw Michigan)

Civil Dissident   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Civic Progress    (St Louis, MO - USA)

Civil Terror   (Neatherlands)

Civil Victim   (Konstanz, Germany)

Civilian Fun Group   (US - Ann Arbor, MI)

Civilized Society?   (UK - Dewsbury/Leeds)

Clamor Inexorable   (Mexico)

Clan Of Xymox (UK)

Clancy Six  (USA)

The Clap   (United States - Lehigh Valley, PA)

Clap Heads   (Japan)

The Claptrap   (Italy - Cagliari)

The Clash   (United Kingdom - London)

Class War     (United Kingdom - London)

Class War   (Italy - Catania)

Classic Ruins   (United States - Boston, MA)

The Classics   (UK)

Classified Protest   (UK - South Wales)

Classy Punk   (Belgium)

Claus Huberdh   (Norway)

Claw Hammer   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

The Clay   (Japan - Tokyo)

The Clean   (New Zealand - Dunedin)

The Cleavers   (United States - Portland, OR)

The Clerks   (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

The Clichés   (Sweden)

The Clicks   (Japan)

Client   (Japan - Nagano)

The Clique   (Israel)

Clit 45   (USA)

The Clitboys   (United States - Milwaukee, WI)

Clock DVA   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

The Clocks  (United States - Cleveland, OH)

Clockwork Criminals   (UK - Hastings)

Clockwork Soldiers   (United Kingdom)

Clod  (Japan)

Close Shave   (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

The Closet Fairies   (Salem, MA - USA)

Cloverbottom   (United States - Nashville, TN)

Clown Alley   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Clox   (West Germany)

Club of Rome   (Australia - Canberra, ACT)

Club Rialto   (Netherlands)

Clusterfuck  (USA)

Clutch    (Maryland-Washington DC - USA)

Cluster Bomb Unit   (Stuttgart - Germany)

Clyng-Onz   (United States - Anchorage, AK)

CMX   (Finland)

CNT   (Finland - Tampere)

Cobra   (Japan - Osaka)

The Cobras   (United States - Buffalo, NY)

Cocadictos   (Spain - Zaragoza)

Cochina    (Chicago,Ill - USA

Cock E.S.P.   (Minneapolis, MN - USA)

Cock Roaches  (France - Fréjus)

Cock Sparrer   (United Kingdom - London)

Cockney Cocks   (Japan - Kyoto)

Cockney Rejects   (United Kingdom - London)

Cocks in Stained Satin   (Germany - Frankfurt)

Cocteau Twins   (UK - Grangemouth, Scotland)

Code of Honor   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Codigo Neurotico   (Spain - Terrassa)

Coffee Achievers  (US - Long Island, NY)

Coffee and Donuts   (US - Petaluma, CA)

Coffee Rage  (New Zealand)

Coffin Break  (United States - Seattle, WA)

Coil   (UK -London)

Coïtus Int.   (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Cola Freaks  (Arhus, Denmark)

The Colas   (United States - Birmingham, AL)

Cold Cave  (US  Los Angeles, CA)

Coldcock   (United States - Southfield, MI)

Cold Beat    (USA)

Cold Dance   (United Kingdom - Hull)

Cold Institution  (Finland)

Cold Meat  (Perth - Australia)

Cold September   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Cold Shoulder  (Chicago, IL - USA)

Cold Stare   (United States)

Cold War   (United Kingdom - Hornchurch)

Cold War Embryos   (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Cólera   (Brazil - São Paolo)

Collabos (France - Brest)

Collaps   (Germany)

Collapse   (UK)

Collate    (Portland, Oragon - USA)

The Collectors   (United Kingdom - London)

Collision   (Netherlands)

Colortapes   (United Kingdom - Bristol)

The Colors   (United States - New York, NY)

Coke Bust   (Washington DC - USA)

COLOR TV   (Minneapolis/St Paul, Mn - USA)

Coma   (Japan - Tokyo)

Claude Coma & the IVs  (US - San Diego, CA)

Comando Suicida   (Argentina)

Combatant   (Maine - USA)

Combat 84   (United Kingdom - London)

Combat Not Conform   (West Germany)

Combatwoundedveteran  (Tampa,Fl - uA)

The Combat Zone  (Boston,MA - USA)

Combatant   (Maine, USA)

The Combine   (USA)

The Comes     (Japan - Tokyo)

The Comets  (USA)

Coming Shortly   (UK - Milton Keynes)

Commando 9mm   (Spain - Madrid)

The Commandos  (US - Worcester, MA)

The Commercials  (UK)

Commitment Crew   (Germany)

The Commited   (UK - Isle of Sheppey)

The Committee   (United Kingdom - Harrow)

Communion Of  Thieves    (El Paso, TX - USA)

Compartiment Fumeurs   (France - Nantes)

Complete    (Japan)

Complete Control   (United Kingdom Wales)

Complete Disorder   (US - San Rafael, CA)

Compos Mentis   (New Zealand - Wellington)

Compost   (Rome, Italy)

The Comsat Angels   (UK - Sheffield)

Con-800   (UK)

Johnny Concrete   (Denmark - Århus)

Concrete Sox   (United Kingdom - Nottingham)

Condemned?   (UK - Glasgow, Scotland)

The Condemned   (Scotland)

Condemned 84   (United Kingdom - Ipswich)

Condemned to Death   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Condemned Youth   (United Kingdom)

Condenda    (USA)

Condenacao Pacifica   (Portugal)

Condition   (Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

Conditional Discharge   (UK - Folkestone)

The Conditionz   (US - Riverside, CA)

Ray Condo   (Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

Condom   (West Germany - Munich)

Condutores de Cadáver   (Brazil - São Paulo)

Confines   (Boston, MA - USA)

Coneheads   (Australia)

The Coneheads     (USA)

Consumer Electronics  (UK)

Controlled Bleeding   (US - Massapequa, NY)

Conemrad     (Canary Islands)

Confederate   (UnS - Los Angeles, CA)

Confines   (Boston,MA - USA)

Conflict   (United States - Tucson, AZ)

Conflict   (United Kingdom - London)

Confront   (US - Cleveland Heights, OH)

Confuse   (Japan - Fukuoka)

Conservatives   (US- Los Angeles, CA)

Conspiracy of Equals   (US - Mesa, AZ)

Constant State   (United Kingdom - Scotland)

The Consumers   (United States - Phoenix, AZ)

The Consumers   (United States)

Contaminators   (USA)

Contempt   (Germany)

The Contenders   (US- New Orleans, LA)

The Continental Kids   (Japan - Kyoto)

Contingent   (France)

The Contortions   (United States - New York, NY)

Contra Band   (United States - Champaign, IL)

Contraband   (United States - Norwalk, CT)

Contravene  (Arizona - USA)

Control   (Japan)

Controllers   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Contropotere   (Italy - Naples)

Conversions  (USA)

Convicted   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Convicted   (Hong Kong)

Convicted   (France - Marseille)

Convulsions   (Spain)

Mitch Cooper   (United States - Charlotte, NC)

John Cooper Clarke   (UK - Manchester)


Cop On Fire  (Barcelona - Spain)  

Cops   (Atlanta, GA - USA)

Cop Shoot Cop    (NY City, USA)

Copulation   (Switzerland)

Cordial Spew   (United States - Omaha, NE)

Les Coronados   (France - Paris)

Corporate Deathburge    (Norway)

Corporate Whores   (United States - Tucson, AZ)

The Corpse   (Poland - Łask-Kolumna)

Corpse   (United Kingdom - Crewe)

Corpse Grinders   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Corpsicles   (United States - New York, NY)

Corpus Delicti   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Corpus Delicti  (France)

Corrosion of Conformity   (US - Raleigh, NC)

Corrosive Abuse   (United Kingdom - Hereford)

Corrosivos   (Argentina)

Corrupted Morals   (US - Richmond, CA)

Corruption of Peace   (Japan - Tokyo)

The Corsairs   (United States - Long Beach, CA)

Corte Marcial   (Brazil)

Cortex   (Sweden - Gothenburg)

The Cortinas   (United Kingdom - Bristol)

Cosmetics  (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Cosmic Overdose   (Sweden)

Cosmic Psychos   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Cosmic Wurst   (France)

The Coast   (Oakland, CA - USA)

C.O.T.C     (United States - Des Moines, IA)

Cotzbrocken   (West Germany - Cologne)

Couch Flambeau   (United States - Milwaukee, WI)

The Count Bishops   (United Kingdom - London)

Count Vertigo   (United States - Portland, OR)

Counterattack   (USA  Washington DC)

Coup d'Etat   (New Zealand)

Coup De Grace  (Belgium)

Court Martial   (United Kingdom - Bristol)

Coward   (Japan - Osaka)

Cowboy and Spin Girl   (UnS- Hoboken, NJ)

Cowboy Killers  (United Kingdom - Gwent, Wales)

The Cowboys   (United States - USA  LA)

The Cowboys  (USA)

The Cowboys   (USA Bloomington Indiana)

Cows   (Minneapolis, Minnesota - USA)

Cox-Orange   (West Germany - Schrobenhausen)

CPG   (Hungary - Szeged)

The Crabs   (United Kingdom - Great Yarmouth)

Crach  (United Kingdom - Swansea, Wales)

The Crack   (United Kingdom - London, England)

Cracked Actor   (United States - Long Island, NY)

Cracked Actors   (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

Cracked Hirn   (Italy - Ancona)

Cracker Jacks   (Japan - Osaka)

Die Crackers   (Germany)

Cramp  (UK)

The Cramps  (US -Sacramento, CA > Akron, OH >NY > LA, CA)

Crane   (United Kingdom - Ashington)

The Cranes   (United Kingdom - Liverpool)

Crankshaft   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Crankshaft  (USA  CLearwater, Florida)

Crap Detectors  (US -Lincoln, NE > Dallas, TX > Seattle, WA)

Crapping Dogs   (Italy - Genova)

Crapscrapers   (West Germany - Berlin)

Crapule De Luxe   (Belgium)

Crash   (United Kingdom - South Yorkshire)

Crash 80's   (Canada - London, Ontario)

Crash Box   (Italy - Milan)

Crash Course   (Switzerland - Biel)

Crash Course   (Sweden)

Crash Course in Science (Philadelphia, PA--> Milwaukee,WI)

Crash Kills Five  (Canada)

Crass   (United Kingdom - Epping, England)

The Cravats   (United Kingdom - Redditch)

The Crawdaddys   (United States - San Diego, CA)

Crawling Chaos   (United Kingdom - Ashington)

Crazy  (Switzerland)

Crazy Hearts   (United States - New York, NY)

Crazy Jack and the Automatics  (US - Worcester, MA)

Crazy Jack and the Heart Attacks (US- Worcester, MA)

Crazy Spirit   (New York City - USA)

Creamers  (Austin, TX - USA)

The Creamers   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Credo   (United States - Bethlehem, PA)


The Creeps   (Sweden - Älmhult, Sweden)

The Creepshow   (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

Cress  (Wigan, UK)

Cretin Hoppers  (West Germany - Witten)

Cretins    (West Germany - Hannover)

The Crewd   (United States - Long Beach, CA)

The Crewsy Fixers   (UnK - Canterbury)

Criatures  (Austin, TX - US)

The Crime   (United Kingdom - Seaham)

Crime   (Japan)

Crime   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Crime  (Brazil)

Crime Gang Bang  (Italy)

Criminal Class   (United Kingdom - Coventry)

Criminal Code   (Tacoma, Washington - USA)

Criminal Justice   (UK - Huddersfield)

Criminal Sex   (United Kingdom)

Crimpshrine   (United States - Berkeley, CA)

Crimson Scarlet    (San Francisco, CA- USA)

Cringe  (United States - Dallas, TX)

Cringer   (US -Hawaii > Los Angeles, CA > San Francisco, CA)

Crippled By Society   (TX - USA)

Crippled  Fox   (Budapest, Hungary)

Crippled Pilgrims  (US - Washington, DC)

Crippled Youth    (New York City - USA)

Crise Total   (Portugal - Lisbon)

Crisis   (United Kingdom - Guildford)

Crist   (Yugoslavia)

Critical Mass   (United States - Miami, FL)

Cro-Mags   (United States - New York, NY)

Crocodile Shop   (West Germany - Berlin)

The Crooks  (United Kingdom - London)

Crossed Out    (Encintas, Ca - USA)

Crow   (Japan - Osaka)

Crown Court   (London - UK)

Crow People   (United Kingdom - Doncaster)

Crowbar   (United Kingdom)

The Crowd   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Crowd of Isolated   (West Germany)

The Crowds   (West Germany - Munich)

Crucial Truth   (United States - New York, NY)

Crucial Youth   (United States - Holmdel, NJ)

The Crucified   (United States - Chicago, IL)

Crucified Truth    (Australia - Brisbane, QLD)

Crucifix   (United States - Berkeley, CA)

Crucifix   (Sweden - Norrköping)

The Crucifucks   (United States - Lansing, MI)

Crude   (Hakodate - Japan)

Crude SS   (Sweden - Fagersta)

Crudity   (Sweden)

Cruel Maniax    (Sweden - Fagersta)

Crumbsuckers   (United States - Baldwin, NY)

Crummy Musicians   (US - Berkeley, CA)

The Crunky Kids   (Cleveland, OH - USA)

The Cryin’ Out Louds    (Austin, TX - USA)

Cruz Somers    (Los Angeles, Ca - USA)

Crystal Castles  (Canada)

The Crusties   (United States - Milwaukee, WI)

Crux   (United Kingdom - Nuneaton)

CTI   (UK, London)

The Cubes   (United States - Detroit, MI)

Cuddly Toys   (United Kingdom - London)

The Cult   (United Kingdom - Sunderland)

Cult Heroes   (United States - Ann Arbor, MI)

Cult Maniax   (United Kingdom - Devon)

Cultural Amnesia   (United Kingdom - London)

The Cultural Decay   (Belgium - Leuven)

Culture Shock   (United Kingdom - Wiltshire)

Culture Shock   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Culture Shock   (United States - St. Louis, MO)

Culturecide   (United States - Houston, TX)

Cunts   (United States - Chicago, IL)

Cunts   (Japan Tokyo)

Cum Book   (Mexico)

The Cure    (UK - Crawley, West Sussex)


Curfew    (United Kingdom - London)

Current 93  (UK)

Current Obsessions   (UK - Cardiff, Wales)

Eddy Current Suppression Ring (Melbourne - Australia)

Curse  (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

Curtiss A   (United States - Minneapolis, MN)

Curtains   (Canada - Ottawa, Ontario)

The Customs   (United States - Cincinnati, OH)

The Cute Lepers  (Seattle, WA - USA)

Cut The Shit   (Boston, MA - USA)

The Cut   (Norway - Oslo)

Cyan Revue   (West Germany - Hamburg)

Cyanamid   (US - South Bound Brook, NJ)

Cyanide   (United Kingdom - York)

Cyber Bullies    (US - Appleton, Wi)

Cybermen   (United Kingdom - Blackburn)

Cyberplasm   (Olympia, WA - USA)

The Cyclones   (United States - Hoboken, NJ)

The Cynics   (United States - Pittsburgh, PA)

The Czechs   (United Kingdom - London)



C.F.D.L.  (Japan)

C Cat Trance   (United Kingdom - Nottingham)

Ca Ira   (Italy - Milan)

Cabaret Voltaire   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

Cabbage Pump   (United States - West Hartford, CT)

Cadaverous Clan   (UK - Litchfield staffordshire)

Cadaver Dog  (Denver,CO - USA)

Les Cadavres   (France - Paris)

The Cads   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

Les Cafards   (France - Epinay sur seine)

Les Calamitiés   (France - Beaune)

Calcinator   (France)

Andy California   (USA)

cali≠gari ‎  (Japan)

Calypso Machine Gun  (US - Omaha, NE)

Calamity Jane    (Portland Oregon, USA)

Câmbio Negro HC   (Brazil - Recife)

Cambodia Khmers   (Italy)

Cambodian Kids   (United States - Fresno, CA)

La Came Aux Damelias  (France - Le Plessis-Bouchard)

Cameras In Cars  (UK)

Camera Silens   (France - Bordeaux)

Camión Policía   (Chile)

Camisa de Vênus   (Brazil)

Duggie Campbell   (UK)

Camper Van Beethoven   (SA - Santa Cruz, CA)

Campingsex   (West Germany - Berlin)

Can't Move   (United States - Chicago, IL)

Can  (Germany)

Canadian Rifle  (Chicago Ill - USA)

Canal terror   (West Germany - Cologne)

Cancerous Growth  (United States - Boston, MA)

Candy Machine       (Baltimore, MD  - USA)

Cane   (United Kingdom - Watford)

Cani  (Italy - Pesaro)

Cannibal   (United States - Seattle, WA)

The Cannibals   (United Kingdom - London)

Cannon Heath Down   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Capital Scum   (Belgium - Scherpenheuvel)

Capitalist Alienation  (Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

Capitle   (United States - Albany, NY)

Capitol Punishment   (United States - Fresno, CA)

Captain 9's & the KnickerBoker Trio (US - Stockton, CA)

Captain Beefheart    (Glendale, CA  USA)

Captain Caveman  (Trier - Germany)

Captain Sensible   (United Kingdom - London)

Capture the Flag   (United States - Boston, MA)

Carbonas       (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Cardboard Brains   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

The Cardboards   (United States - Pittsburgh, PA)

Cardiacs  (UK)

Cardiac Arrest    (St louis , MO - USA)

The Cardiac Kidz   (US - San Diego, CA)

Cardinal Sin   (San Francisco, CA - USA)

Career Suicide  (Toronto, Canada)

Cargo Cult   (United States - Austin, TX)

Cargo Culte   (France)

Carnage   (United Kingdom - East Essex)

Carnage Shop   (United States - Portland, OR)

Carnal Closet Carnage   (Finland)

The Carpets   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

The Carpettes   (United Kingdom - Durham)

Carry Nation   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Cas Prawde    (Netherlands)

Case   (United Kingdom)

Justin Case   (United Kingdom - Luton, England)

Cash Pussies   (United Kingdom - London)

Casual Burn  (US - New Oreans)

Casualty   (New Zealand - New Plymouth)

The Cat Heads   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Cat-o'-Nine Tails   (West Germany)

Catalyst   (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

The Catatonics   (United States - Syracuse, NY)

Catatonic Youth   (USA)

Catch 22   (United States - Hacienda Heights, CA)

Catch 22   (United States - San Diego, CA)

Category A   (United Kingdom)

The Cateran   (UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Catharsis  (United States)

Cathedral of Tears   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Catherine Wheel    (UK)

Catholic Guilt   (Graz, Austria)

Cats on Holiday   (United States)

Catwax Axe Co.   (United Kingdom - Derby)

Cause   (USA)

The Cause   (United Kingdom)

Cause for Alarm   (United States - New York, NY)

Caustic Defiance   (United States - Peoria, IL)

Caustic Filth   (United Kingdom - Portsmouth)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  (Australia - Melbourne)

The Cavedogs   (United States - Boston, MA)

The Cavemen   (United States - Austin, TX)

The Cavemen  (New Zealand)

Cave State  (Duarte, CA - US)

Monte Cazazza   (US - San Francisco, CA)

CBA   (Finland)

CCCP   (Germany)

CD. Synapse   (Japan - Osaka)

Celebrity Drunks   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

The Celetoids  (Croatia)

Celia and the Mutations   (UK - London)

The Celibate Rifles   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Cell 609   (Belgium - Liège)

Censur   (Sweden - Stockholm)

Censura   (Colombia - Medellín)

Cereal Killer   (Canada)

Cerebros Exprimidos  (Spain - Mallorca)

Ceresit 81  (West Germany - Berlin)

Ceremony  (Rohnert Park,CA - USA)

Ceremony East Coast   (US - Fredericksburg, VA)

Certain Death   (United States - Blue Island, IL)

Cervix  (NY - US)

Chain Gang   (United States - New York, NY)

Chain Link Fence   (United States - Boston, MA)

Chain Rank    (Boston, MA - USA)

Chain of Strength   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Chain Reaction   (Italy - Bari)

The Chains of Hell Orchestra   (US - Olympia, WA)

Chainsaw   (Belgium - Brussels)

Chainsaw    (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Chainsaw Pig   (Sweden)

Chainsaw Hookers   (Australia)

Challenger Crew   (West Germany - Bexbach)

The Change   (Manchester, United Kingdom)

The Change  (Sweden)

Channel 3   (United States - Cerritos, CA)

Channel Rats   (West Germany - Hamburg)

Chaos   (United Kingdom - London, England)

Chaos   (Austria - Vorarlberg)

Choas   (France)

Chaos S.A.   (South Africa)

Chaos UK   (United Kingdom - Bristol, England)

Chaos Z   (West Germany - Stuttgart)

Chaotic Dischord   (United Kingdom - Bristo)

Chaotic Neutral  (Indianapolis, Indiana - USA)

Chaotic Subversion   (UK - Glasgow, Scotland)

Chaotic Youth   (United Kingdom - Scotland)

Chaotik TH   (Switzerland)

Chappaquiddick Skyline   (United States )

Chapter 23   (United States - Minneapolis, MN)

Chardon Square   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Charles Bronson   (USA)

Charles Manson  (US- Cincinnati , Ohio)

Charge   (United Kingdom - London, England)

Charley's War   (West Germany - Berlin)

Charm City Suicides   (Baltimore, MD - USA)

Charnier   (France - Paris)

Charred Remains   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Charta 77   (Sweden - Köping)

Chassalla   (Kassel, Germany)

CCR Headcleaner  (USA)                                          

Paul Chastain   (United States - Chicago, IL)              

The Chats   (United States - Miami Beach, FL)

Chatterbox   (Netherlands - Rotterdam)                      

Cheap    (United Kingdom)