Law and Order   (US - Baltimore, MD)

Los  Laxantes     (Argintina)                                                                           


The Lazy Cowgirls (US - Los Angeles, CA)  

LDS   (US - Salt Lake City, UT)

The Lead   (US - Miami, FL)                         

League of Slaughter   (Japan)

The Leather Nun  (Sweden - Gothenburg)

Lethal Weapon     (US - LA, CA)

Leather Daddy  (US - Boston, MA)

Leatherface  (UK - Sunderland)

The Leaving Trains   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Lebenden Toten     (US - Portland, OR)

Leberwohlstand  (W.Germany - Wilhelmshaven)

The Lee Harvey Oswald Band  (US)

Kevin Lee and Heartbeat  (US - Chicago, IL)

The Leepers   (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

Thomas Leer  (UK - Port Glasgow, Scotland)

Leeway   (United States - New York, NY)

The Left   (US - Hagerstown, MD)

Left for Dead   (UK - Newcastle)

Left Insane   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Left Spine Down  (Canada - Vancouver)

The Leftovers   (Australia - Brisbane, QLD)

Leftovers   (Australia - Bendigo, VIC)

Legal Weapon   (US - Los Angeles,CA)

Legen  (Croatia)

Legend Killers   (Canada - London, Ontario)  

The Legend!   (United Kingdom - London)

The Legendary Luton Kippers   (UK - Luton)

The Legendary Pink Dots  (UK  > Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Leitmotiv  (France)

Lemo   (Spain - Barcelona)

Le Mat   (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

The Lemonheads  (US - Boston, MA)            

Leitmotiv   (UK - Sheffield)

Legion   (United Kingdom)

Legion of Decency   (US - Biloxi, MS)

Legion of Doom  (Canada - Vancouver, BC)  


Legionaire's Disease (US - Houston, TX > San Francisco, CA)

Legitimate Reason   (US - Philadelphia, PA)

Lene Lovich  (US - Detroit Michigan)

Lenin Körút   (Hungary)

The Lennons   (W. Germany - Pforzheim)

Lenny and the Lawbreakers   (UK - Ulster, N. Ireland)

Lepers     (US - Chicago, IL)

Lepers  (United States - Boulder, CO)  

The Lepers   (US - Cleveland, OH)

The Leopards (US - Kansas City, MO > Los Angeles, CA)

The Leopard Society   (US - New York, NY)

Paul Leary   (US)

Le Ritz    (UK)

Less Haze   (Japan - Tokyo)

Les Thugs      (France - Angers)

Les Zerreurs  (Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

Letch  (US - Seattle, WA)

Letch Patrol   (US - New York, NY)

Lethal Gospel   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Leukémia   (Hungary)

Leusemia   (Peru)

Lewd Acts  (US - San Diego, CA)

The Lewd   (United States - Seattle, WA)

Ralf Lexis   (W. Germany - Nürnberg)

Leyton Buzzards   (UK - Leyton)

The Libertines   (US - Cincinnati, OH)

Liberty   (UK - Dartford, Kent)

Libido Boyz   (US - Mankato, MN)

Libido Link   (Norway)

Libresse   (Sweden)

Libyans  (US)

Lieutenant  (US)

Life Crime  (Austria - Graz)

Life Sentence   (US - Chicago, IL)  

Life Sized Models   (UK - Brighton)

Life's Blood   (US - New York, NY)

Life... But How to Live It   (Norway - Oslo)

Lifes Halt (US - LA,CA)

Lifeboat   (United States - Boston, MA)


Lifers   (US - San Francisco, CA)

The Lightheads  (US - Portland, OR)

Light Steps  (Japan)

Ligotage    (United Kingdom - London)

Lik   (Norway)

Liket Lever   (Sweden - Gothenburg)

Lil Bunnies  (US)

Liliedugg   (Norway)

Liliput   (Switzerland - Zurich)

Limbo Race   (US - Boston, MA)


The Limbos  (US - Jackson, Mississippi)

The Lime Spiders (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

The Limit   (United Kingdom)

Limp Richerds   (US - Seattle, WA)

Limp Wrist     (US)

Line Of Fire   (US - CT)

Linear Movement  (Belgium)

Link Larm   (Italy)

Link Protrudi and the Jaymen  (US - NY, NY)

Lip Cream   (Japan - Tokyo)

Lip Moves   (UK - Southampton)

The Lips Are Black   (US - Battle Creek, MI)

The Lipstick Killers   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Liquid Generation   (US - Seattle, WA)

Liquid Plumbers   (US - Gainesville, FL)

Liquids   (US - Northwest, Indiana)

Liquid Stone   (UK - Buckingham)

Liquidated Brains  (UK - Huddersfield)

Lisfrank   (Italy - Savona)

Lithics  (US - Portland, OR)

Little Bears From Bangkok  (US - Seattle, WA)

Little Bob Story   (France - Le Havre)

Little Deers   (US - Boston, MA)

Little Gentlemen  (US - Philadelphia, PA)

Little Girls   (Canada)

Little Murders   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)  


The Little Roosters   (UK - London)

Live Skull   (US - New York, NY)

Livids   (US - Brooklyn, NY)

Livin' Sacrifice   (Sweden)

The Living   (US - Seattle, WA)

The Living Daylights   (UK - Exeter)

Living Dead   (UK - Bradford)

The Living End   (US - San Jose, CA)

The Living End  (Australia - Melbourne, Victoria)

Living in Texas   (UK - London)

Living Proof   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

Lixomania    (Brazil)

Lizard    (Japan - Tokyo)

The Lizerds   (US - Bakersfield, CA)

LMNOP   (United States - Atlanta, GA)

Lobotomia   (Brazil - São Paulo)

Local Anti Normal   (Denmark)

Local Heroes  (UK - Rochdale, Greater Manchester)

Local Heroes SW9   (UK - Orpington)     

The Locals   (United States - NY, NY)

Lockjaw   (United States - Portland, OR)

Lockjaw   (United Kingdom - Surrey)

Lockjaw (US - Buffalo, NY)

Lockjaw   (Canada)

The Locust  (US - San Diago, CA)

The Loft   (United Kingdom - London)

Lola Ego   (Finland - Helsinki)

Logical Nonsence  (US)

London    (United Kingdom - London)

London 77   (Italy)

London PX   (UIK - London)  

Lonely Crowd   (US - Saratoga, CA)

Lonely Moans   (US)

Lonely Trojans   (US - Tucson, AZ > Chicago, IL)

The Loners   (US - Boston, MA)

Brad Long   (US - Logansport, IN)


The Long Ryders   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Long Tall Shorty   (UK - London)

Longport Buzz   (UK - Canterbury)

Loo's Halloween   (Japan - Osaka)

The Loods   (Japan - Tokyo)

Look Back in Anger   (UK - Waterlooville)

Look Mummy Clowns   (UK - Waltham Cross)

Look Mummy Clowns  (Italy)

Look Back And Laugh  (US - Oakland, CA)

The Lookalikes   (Ireland - Dublin)

The Lookouts   (US - Iron Peak, CA)

Loose Prick  (Finland - Kouvola)

The Lopez  (US - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Lord Alex   (Czechoslovakia)

Lord High Fixers   (US - TX)

Lord John   (US - Freehold, NJ)

Lord Manuel  (US - Boston, MA)

The Lords of the New Church   (UK)

Loser Life  (US - Bakersfield,CA)

The Losers   (Austria - Vienna)

The Losers  (UK)

The Losers   (Germany - Belgium)

The Lost Boys   (UK - Swansea, Wales)

Lost Cause   (US - Orange County, CA)

Lost Cause   (US - Chicago, IL)

Lost Cherrees (UK - Sutton)

Lost Durangos   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

The Lost Front   (South Africa)

Lost Generation   (US - Bridgeport, CT)

Lost Kids    (Denmark - Århus)

Lost Legion   (Belgium)

Lost Patrol   (Canada - Windsor, Ontario)

Lost Patrol   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Lost Sounds (US - Memphis, TN)

Lost Tribe  (US - Richmond, VA)

Lost World   (Germany)

Los Reactors    (US - Oklahoma)

L.O.T.I.ON.    (US - New York City)

Loud Fast Rules   (US - Minneapolis, MN)

The Loudmouths  (San Francisco, CA)

The Loud Ones    (US - Boston, MA)

Buddy Love   (US - New York, NY)

Love Battery    (US - Seattle,WA)

The Love Below   (US - Southern ,CA)

Love Canal   (US - Huntington Beach, CA)  

Love Circus   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Love And Rockets  (UK)

Love Sex Machine    (France - Lile)

Lovegods in Leisure Suits   (US - Orlando, FL)

Lovezhe    (Japan - Misato, Saitama)

Lower Class Brats  (US - Austin, TX)

The Low Numbers  (US - Claremont, CA)

Nick Lowe    (UK - London)

Lowhangers   (US - Chicago, IL)

Lowlife   (Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba)

LSD   (Japan - Osaka)

LSD   (Argentina)

LSD   (Canada - Victoria, BC)

Lublanski Psi  (Yugoslavia)

Lubricants   (US - Milwaukee, WI)

The Luchs Brothers  (US - Chicago, IL)

Lucky Pierre   (US - Cleveland, OH)

Lucky Pierre   (US - Washington, DC)

Lucrate Milk   (France - Paris)

Lucy  (United Kingdom - London)

Luddites   (United Kingdom - Hull)

Ludichrist   (US - New York, NY)

Ludus   (UK - Manchester)

Ludwig Von 88   (France - Paris)

L.U.L.L.     (Denmark)

Lullabies   (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Le Lu/Lu's   (UK - London)

Lummox   (Canada)

Lumpen Proles  (US - Albany, NY)

Luna   (Yugoslavia - Novi Sad)

Lunachicks   (US)

Lunatic Fringe   (UK - Bristol)

Lydia Lunch   (US - New York, NY)

Lungfish   (US - Baltimore Maryland)


Lurid   (United States - Cleveland, OH)

The Lurkers   (UK - Fulham, West London)

The Lust   (US - New York, NY)

Lustfinger   (W. Germany - Lohhof)

Lutheran Heat  (US - Minneapolis,Minnesoita)

Luxuria  (Peru)

Luxuria   (UK)

Luxuria  (US)

Luxury   (United States - Des Moines, IA)

Luzibaer   (West Germany)

De Lyckliga Kompisarna    (Sweden - Stockholm)

Lydia-Cats   (Japan - Fukuoka)

The Lynch Mob  (US - Worcester, MI)

Lyres   (United States - Boston, MA)

Lysol  (US - Seattle, Wa)



L-Seven  (United States - Detroit, MI)

L7   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

L4  (United States)

La Casa Nostra   (Netherlands)

La Misma   (US - New York City)

La Peste   (United States - Boston, MA)

La Polla Records   (Spain - Agurain)

La Strada   (Yugoslavia - Novi Sad)

La URSS  (Spain - Granada,Andalucia)

The La's  (United Kingdom - Liverpool)

The Lab Rats   (US - Cleveland, OH)

Lacerations   (US - Dallas,TX)

Lack Of Interest  (US - Burbank, CA)

Lack of Knowledge   (UK - London)

Lackey Die  (US - Charlottesville, VA)


La Ladilla de Caracas   (Venezuela)

Ladyshave    (Switzerland - Zurich)

Laitz   (Netherlands)

Laibach  (Netherlands)

Steve Lake   (UK - London)

Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs (US - Long I, NY)

Lama   (Finland)

The Lambrettas   (UK - Brighton)

LAMF Design   (UK - Sunderland)

L.A.M.F.   (Finland)

The Raging Lamos    (US - Sacramento, CA)

Lamps  (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Lance Lot   (Japan)

Lanciafiamme   (Italy - Granducato, Pisa)

The Landlords  (US - Charlottesville, VA)

Robin Lane & the Chartbusters (US - Boston, MA)

Langi Seli og Skuggarnir  (Iceland)

Lapsilta Kielletty   (Finland)

Lapsuuden Loppu  (Finland - Ylitornio)

Os Laranjas  (Brazil - Santo André)

Large Hardware (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Lärm   (Netherlands)

The Larries   (US - Parkersburg, WV)

Lars Langs   (Sweden - Ockelbo)

Larsen   (Spain - Madrid)

Lascivious   (Japan - Iwate)

The Last   (US- Los Angeles, CA)

Last Bomb  (Japan - Tokyo)

Last Child   (Hakata, Japan)

Last In Line   (US - Westfield, MA)

Last Exit   (Switzerland)

Last Four (4) Digits   (US - Indianapolis, IN)

The Last Lads    (Sweden)

Last Night     (France)

Last Option  (US - Mesa, AZ)

Last Orders   (New Zealand)

Last Orders  (UK - Grimsby)

Last Orders  (Germany - Sinsheim)

Last Resort   (UK - Herne Bay)

The Last Resort  (UK - Oxford)

Last Rights   (US - Boston, MA)

Last Rites   (UK - Glasgow, Scotland)

Last Romance  (Switzerland - Büren an der Aare)

Last Rough Cause  (UK - Darlington)

The Last Sacrifice  (US - Boston, MA)

The Last Sons of Krypton   (US - Wisconsin)

Last Stand   (US - Boston, MA)

Last Supper   (US - New Haven, CT)

Last Warning   (Netherlands)

Last Warning  (Spain)

Last Warning  (Germany)

Last Warning   (US)

Bill Laswell   (US - Salem, IL)

The Last Words  (Australia - Sydney, NSW > London)

The Latin Dogs   (US - Battle Creek, MI)

Laughin Nose   (Japan - Osaka)

The Laughing Apple  (UK - Glasgow, Scotland > London)

The Laughing Dogs   (US - New York, NY)

Laughing Hands   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Laughing Hyenas   (US- Detroit, MI)

Lavabos Iturriaga   (Spain - Bilbao, Basque Country)

The Lavatory   (Japan)

The Law   (US - Des Moines, IA > Boston, MA)