O!      (West Australia)

Oaf   (Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia)

Obedience  (US - TX, Austin)

Oberkampf  (France - Paris)

Obituaries  (US - Portland, OR)

Objects  (US - Portsmith, NH)

The Objekts  (UK - Brighton)

Objetivo Perdido  (Spain - Valladolid)

Oblivionation  (US - Boston/Lowell, MA)

Obscene Females   (UK - Barton-upon-Humber)

Observers Observing Observables   (US - W.Lafayette, IN)

Obsessione   (Italy)

The Obtainers  (UK - Horley)

Occult Chemistry  (US)

Ocean Zoo   (Philippines)

Ocho Bolas   (Chile - Valparaiso)

October Days   (US - Hartford, CT)

October Faction  (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Odd Man Out   (US - San Jose, CA)

Odd Man Out  (US - Olympia,Washington)

The Odds   (US - Sunland, CA)

The Odds   (UK - Hull)

The Odds   (US - San Diego, CA)

L' Odi Social  (Spain - Barcelona)

Odin  (US - Oakland, CA)

Odin  (Australia & New Zealand)

Odin  (Brazil)

Odin (Portugal)

Odious Perdition  (UK - Basingstoke/Tadley)

Odisea del Crimen   (Chili - Santiago)

Odvážní Bobříci   (Czechoslovakia)

Offbeats   (US - Mentor, OH)

The Offbeats   (New Zealand - Wellington)

The Offbeats   (UK - Medway)

Offenders  (US - Killeen, TX--> Austin)

Offensive   (France - Villerupt)

Offensive   (Spain)

Offensive Herbst 87 (W. Germany - Verden)       

Offensive Weapon   (UK - Wales)

Offensor    (Brazil - Belo Horizonte)

The Offs  (US - San Francisco, CA->NY)

The Offspring (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Offspring  (United Kingdom)

Ogräs   (Sweden)

Ob'ekt Nasmeshek   (USSR)

Oh' Dev   (Netherlands - Venlo)

OHL   (West Germany - Cologne)

OHM   (Denmark - Copenhagen)

Oilbag  (UK - London)

The Ohms   (US - Syracuse, NY)

Oi Polloi  (UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Oigasm   (Netherlands - Nunspeet)                        

Oil Tasters   (US - Milwaukee, WI)          

Oily Bloodmen   (US - Portland, OR)

Ojo  Por Ojo    (Mexico City)

O.K. Korral   (Spain)

O!Kult   (Yugoslavia)

Okres   (Poland - Ostrow)

OLD   (US - Bergenfield, NJ)

Oldfashioned Ideas  (US - Ca, San Francisco)

The old Firm Casuals

“O” Level   (UK - London)

Olho Seco   (Brazil - São Paulo)

Les Olivensteins   (France - Rouen)

Olora A Muerte  (US - NY)

Los Olvidados   (US - San Jose, CA)

Olympic Sideburns   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Olivop   (Italy)

Omega Tribe   (US - New Barnet)

The Omlits   (US - Anaheim, CA)

Onaweta   (New Zealand - Wellington)

Oncle Slam   (France - Pau Lescar)

On Edge   (US - Washington, DC)

P.S. O'Neill  (US - Olympia, WA)

On Parole   (UK - Livingstone, Scotland)

One Last Wish   (US - Washington, DC)

One Million Bulgarians  (Poland - Rzeszów)

The Ones  (US - Milwaukee, WI)

One Size Fits All   (Japan)

Onward    (Norway - Oslo)

One Way System   (UK - Fleetwood)

The Onion Dolls   (Belgium - Aalst)

Rev Norb and The Onions  (US)

The Onlookers   (UK - London)

Only Alternative   (UK - London)

Only The Lonely  (Sweden)

The Only Ones   (UK - London)

Onna   (Japan - Tokyo)

Onslaught   (UK - Bristol)

Onslaught   (US - Hertfordshire)

Ouch!   (Japan)

Our Gang   (US - New York, NY)

Our Neighbors Suck  (US - Phoenix, AZ)

Our War    (Canada)

The Out Group  (US - Madison, NJ)

Out Cold   (US - Dracut, MA)

Out of Date   (Japan)

Out of Order   (US - Chicago, IL)

Out of Order   (W. Germany - Herford)

Out on Blue Six   (UK - Manchester)

Outbreak  (Germany)

Outburst   (US - New York, NY)

The Outs  (US)

The Outcasts   (UK - N. Ireland)

Outcry   (US - Minneapolis, MN)

The Outlets  (US - Boston, MA)

The Outnumbered   (US - Champaign, IL)

Outo   (Japan - Osaka)

Outo Elämä   (Finland - Joensuu)

Outo Syojodan   (Japan)

Outpatients   (UnS - Westfield, MA)

Outrage   (UK - Sunderland)

Outrage   (US - New England)

Outrage Rébellion   (France - Bézier)

Outrageous   (Netherlands)

The Outsiders (UK - London)

Outspoken   (US - Huntington Beach, CA)

The Outta Place  (US - New York, NY)

The Outta Sorts  (US - CA)

Ovaltinees   (United Kingdom - London)

Overbite   (Republic Of Ireland, Galway)

Ovenmen  (United States - New York, NY)

Overdose   (Norway - Bergen)

Overthhhrow   (Spain - Banyoles)

O Veux   (Belgium - Hasselt)


Ox   (France - Le Havre)

O.X. Pow   (Spain - Madrid)

Oxbaker   (Canada - St. THomas, Ontario)

Oxenschwanz   (W. Germany - Hamburg)

Oxbow    (US - San Francisco, CA)

Oxymoron  (Germany)

OXZ   (Japan)

The Oysters   (US - Boston, MA)

The Ozzfish Experience  (US - S. Holland, IL)

Ozzie   (United States - Sacramento, CA)



Open Sore   (UK - Slough)

Open Your Eyes    (US)

Opera   (Poland - Torun)

Opera   (France)

Opera Lu   (Yugoslavia)

Operation Ivy   (US - Berkeley, CA)

Opinião Pública   (Portugal - Lisbon)

Opposition Party   (Singapore)

Opposizione   (Italy)

The Oppressed   (UK - Cardiff, Wales)

Oppressive Nightmare   (Italy)  

Oppslutning   (Norway)

Opozicion   (Colombia)

Optalidon   (Spain)

Option   (US - Scranton, PA)

Opus   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Oral   (Sweden - Borås)

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark    (UK - Liverpool)

The Orange Donuts  (US  -  Kansas City, MO)

Orb  (US)

Orbits    (US - Brooklyn, NY)

The Orbits   (US - Milwaukee, WI)

Orchestre Rouge   (France - Rennes)

Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark   (UK)

Orchid   (US - Amherst, MA)

L Orchidée   (France - Nantes)

Organa  (Germany - Bielefeld)

Øresus   (Norway - Telemark)

Order of yDeca  (Australia - Adelaide, SA)

O rang   (UK)

O. Rex   (US - Brooklyn, NY)

Organum  (UK)

Original Disease   (France - Besançon)

Original Sin  (UK)

Orlík  (Czechoslovakia)

Ornamental   (UK)

The Oscillators  (UK - Harrogate)

Oslo Børs   (Norway)

Dieter Osten   (US - New York, NY)

Ostikada  (Spain - Oiartzun)

Otakt   (Sweden)

Otras Voces   (Spain - Manresa)

Otroci Socializma   (Yugoslavia)

Otto's Chemical Lounge  (US - Minneapolis, MN)