The People’s Love Cult  (US - West Palm Beach, FL)

Perdition    (Australia - Adelaide, SA)

Perdition    (NY - US)

Pere Ubu   (United States - Cleveland, OH)

Perestroika   (Finland - Forssa)

Perfect Daze   (UK - Ipswich)                 

Perfect Heller   (US  - Wappingers Falls, NY)

Performance   (United Kingdom - Manchester)

The Perfectors    (UK)                                            

Performers     (United States - Worcester, MA)

Period Bomb   (Miami, FL - USA)

Permanent Damage   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Permanent Makeup  (Florida - USA)

Permanent Ruin    (San Jose, CA - USA)          

Peroxide   (United Kingdom - Gateshead)

Peroxide  (New York City -  USA)

Peroxide  (Canada)

Al Perry and the Cattle   (US - Tucson, AZ)

The Persistant Gods   (United Kingdom)

Personal Conflict   (United States - San Diego, CA)

Personal Effects   (United States - Rochester, NY)

Personality Crisis   (Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Pervers   (West Germany - Augsburg)

Die Perversen Weihnachtsmänner    (Germany)

Perverts   (Sweden - Gothenburg)

Perspex Flesh   (USA)

La Paste  (Boston, Ma - USA)

Pest  (Sweden)

Pest  (Japan)

Pestilence   (West Germany - Nieder-Olm)

La Pestilencia   (Colombia - Bogota)

Petar I Zli Vuci   (Yugoslavia)

Peter and Mary Saving Grace  (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies  (UK - Brighton)

Peter & the Wolf   (United Kingdom - Kent)

Þeyr      (Iceland - Reykjavík)

Pezband   (United States - Chicago, IL)

P.F. Commando  (Sweden - Gävle)

Pg. 99      (Sterling, Virginia)

Phallacy   (United States - Eureka, CA)

Phallacy   (US)

The Phantom 5   (United States)

The Phantom five  (Nashville TN - USA)

Phantom Limbs  (United States - Tucson, AZ)

The Phantom Limbs   (Oakland, CA - USA)

Phantom Opera   (United States - Long Beach, CA)

Phantom Tollbooth  (United States - New York, NY)

Phantoms of the Underground   (UK - Newcastle)

Pharmakon   (USA)

Pissed Happy Children   (US - Pomona, CA)

Phil 'n' the Blanks   (United States - Chicago, IL)

Philippine Violators   (Philippines)

Phillip Werren  (Vallejo, CA - USA)

Philippo Scrooge   (United States - Seattle, WA)

The Philosophic Collage   (US - St. Louis, MO)

Phlegm   (United States - Washington, DC)

Phobia  (United States - Boston, MA)       

The Phone   (UK)

Phonebox Vandals   (Yugoslavia - Celje)

Phosphor   (West Germany - Hannover)

Physique  (Olympia, Wa - USA)

Charlie Pickett & The Eggs   (US - Miami, FL)

Picnic Boys   (Sweden)

Picol Réaction   (France - Noisy-Le-Grand)

Picture Frame Seduction   (UK - Haverfordwest, Wales)

The Pictures   (UK - Lowestoft, England)

Pig Children    (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Piggtråd    (Norway)

The Pigs   (United Kingdom - Bristol)

P.I.G.Z.   (Belgium - Kortrijk)

Pile Driver   (Japan - Yokosuka)

The Pilgrams   (Malaysia)

Pilgrim State   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Pillage  (US - Chicago Il)

Pillsbury Hardcore     (US - Promona, CA )

Los Pillos   (Argentina - Buenos Aires)

The Pin Baskets   (Netherlands - Leeuwarden)

The Pin Group   (New Zealand)

Pin Prick   (France - Toulouse)

Pinballs   (Sweden - Gävle)

The Pinchers   (Belgium - Diest)

Pinhead Gunpowder   (USA)

Pink and Black   (United Kingdom)

The Pink Bolts   (USA)

Pink Dirt   (Norway)

Pink Lincolns   (United States - Tampa, FL)

Pinko And The Action Boys    (US)

Pink Section   (UnS - San Francisco, CA)

Pink Turds in Space   (UK - Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Pink, Plastic & Panties   (Netherlands)

The Pinkies   (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

Pink Steel   (Canada)

The Pinkerton Thugs   (Kennebunk, Maine - USA)

Pinpoint  (UK)

Pinochet Boys   (Chile)

Piorreah   (Spain - Barcelona)

Pious Faults  (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Pipyu   (Japan - Adachi, Tokyo)

The Piranhas   (United Kingdom - Brighton)

The Piranhas  (Detroit Michigan - USA)

Pisando Fuerte   (Spain - Barcelona)

Piss   (Japan - Osaka)

Piss   (Berlin, Germany)

Piss   (US)

Pisschrist  (Australia)

Piss Test  (US - Portland. OR)

The Pist    (USA)

Pissed Boys   (West Germany - Lübeck)

Pissed Jeans    (Allentown, PA - USA)

Pissed Spitzels   (West Germany)

Pistol Whip   (United States - Erie, PA)

The Pistons   (United States - Minneapolis, MN)

Pitckfork   (United States - San Diego, CA)

Pitfall   (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Pitfall   (Massachusetts, - US)

Pits   (United Kingdom - Norwich)

Pits   (Israel)

The Pits   (Australia)

Pixels    (USA)

Pixies     (USA)

Pizzoar   (Sweden - Sundsvall)

A Place To Bury Strangers   (NY - USA)

Plain Characters   (UK)

The Plague   (United States - Cleveland, OH)

The Plague   (United States - Patchogue, NY)

The Plague   (United Kingdom - Aldershot)

The Plague   (United States - New York, NY)

The Plague  (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Plague  (Willowick, Ohio - USA)

Plaid Retina   (United States - Fresno, CA)

Plain Jane and the Jokes   (US - Del Rey Oaks, CA)

Plain White Toast   (US - Cleveland, OH)

Plain Wrap   (US - Huntington Beach, CA)

The Plan   (United States - New Haven, CT)

Plan 9   (United States - Providence, RI)


Plant Bach Ofnus   (Wales, United Kingdom)

Plasma Alliance   (United States - Kent, OH)

Plasmatics   (United States - New York, NY)

Plasmid   (United Kingdom - Uttoxeter)

The Plant Smashers  (Canada)

Plastic Bertrand   (Belgium - Brussels)

Plastic Idols   (United States - Houston, TX)

Plastic People   (UK - High Wycombe)

Plastic Surgery    (Italy - Verona)

Plastichke   (Belgium)

Plastick   (United Kingdom - Hull)

Plasticland   (United States - Milwaukee, WI)

Plastikman   (USA)

Plasticost   (Italy - Solagna)

Plastics   (Japan)

Plastix   (Austria - Wiener Neustadt)

The Platinum Slugs   (US - Washington, DC)

Platzangst   (West Germany - Hamburg)

Play Dead   (United Kingdom - Oxford)

Pleasant Valley Children  (UK - Leeds/Bradford)

Pleased Youth   (United States - Vauxhall, NJ)

The Pleasers   (United Kingdom - London)

Pleasure Symbols   (Brisbane, Australia)

Plebs   (United States - San Pedro, CA)

Pléémobielz   (Netherlands)

Plexis   (Czechoslovakia)

PLH   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

The Plimsouls   (UnS - Los Angeles, CA)

The Plot  (Netherlands - Amsterdam)

The Plugs   (United Kingdom - Hertford)

The Plugs  (Detroit Michigan,  USA)

The Plugz   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Plummet Airlines   (UK - Nottingham)

Plunket Boys   (New Zealand - Auckland)

Plyn   (Czechoslovakia)

PMS 84    (Portland, Oregon - USA)

Pneumania   (United Kingdom - Luton)

P-Nissarna   (Falun, Sweden)

Po Prostu   (Poland - Gdynia)

Pöbel   (Austria)

Pöbel Möbel   (Sweden - Jönköping)

Poeme Electronique  (UK)

The Poems   (UK - Paisley, Scotland)

Poet's Corner   (United States - Phoenix, AZ)

The Pogo   (Japan - Tokyo)

Pohjasakka   (Finland)

The Pointed Sticks   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Pointless Exercise  (UnK - Cardiff, Wales)

Poison Arts  (Japan - Tokyo)

Poison 13  (United States - Austin, TX)

Poison Girls   (United Kingdom - London)

Poison Idea   (United States - Portland, OR)

Poisoned   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Poisonous Cross Gibbet   (Japan - Chiba)

The Poles  (Canada)

Polemic   (United Kingdom - Fareham)

Police Line   (Albany, NY - USA)

Police State  (United States - Berkeley, CA)

Poliisivaltio   (Finland - Kuopio)

Políliticos Muertos   (Chile)

Political Asylum   (UK - Stirling, Scotland)

Political Crap   (US - Orange County, CA)

Political Justice?   (UnS - Glen Ellyn, IL)

Politicide   (United Kingdom - London)

Politisk Avfall   (Norway)

Der Polizei  (Belgium)

Polkaholics   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

Pollution  (USA)

Pollution Circus   (US - Sacramento, CA)

Polo Pepo Y Sociedad Corrupta   (Mexico)

Poodle Boys   (United States - New Haven, CT)

The Pool   (United States - Austin, TX)

The Pop   (United States - Milwaukee, WI)

The Pop   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

The Pop Group   (United Kingdom - Bristol)

Pop Guns   (South Africa)

Pop-O-Pies   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Popol Vul   (Germany)

Poptronix    (USA)

Popular Front   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Popular Mechanics   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Los Popularos  (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Porcelain Forehead   (Canada - Ottawa, Ontario)

The Pork Dukes   (United Kingdom - London)

Porkeria    (Mcallen TX - USA)

Porno Patrol   (West Germany - Berlin)

Porno Pop Moon Family   (Sweden - Stockholm)

Porno Sponges   (United States - Providence, RI)

Porphyria   (Greece)

Les Porte-Mentaux   (France - Paris)

Portion Control   (United Kingdom - London)

Posev   (USSR)

Positive Approach   (US - San Fernando, CA)

Positive Outlook    (United States - Newport, RI)

Positive Reinforcement  (BostonMa - US)

Positive Signals    (United Kingdom - London)

Possessed Images   (United Kingdom - Scotland)

Post Mortem   (United States - Boston, MA)

Post Regiment   (Poland - Warsaw)

Postillon d'Amour   (West Germany - Ingolstadt)

Potato   (Spain - Vitoria-Gasteiz)

Potential Threat   (United Kingdom - Blackburn)

Potential Victims   (United Kingdom - Rochdale)

Potrotaino    (Spain - Ordizia)

Rick Potts   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

The Power-cords     (USA)

Powerage   (South Africa - Durban)

Power of the Spoken Word   (US - Lincoln, NE)

Powerhouse   (United States - Miami, FL)

Powerhouse  (Oakland, CA - USA)

Powertrip   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Powerxchuck   (Adelaide - Australia)

Požár Mlýna   (Czechoslovakia - Plzeň)

Practical Stylists   (US - Nashville, TN)

The Prams   (United Kingdom - Doncaster)

The Prats   (UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Precedens   (Czechoslovakia)

Predator   (United Kingdom - Stockport)

The Prefects   (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

Prefecture  (USA)

Pregnancy Scares  (Ottawa, Ontario, - Canada)

Premature Babys   (United States - Muskegon, MI)

Presence   (Edmonton, Alberta, - Canada)

President Fetch  (Denmark)

The President's Men   (UK - Aberdeen, Scotland)

The Press   (United States - New York, NY)

The Press  (USA)

Pressure Drop   (United Kingdom - Liverpool)

Pressure Release   (US - New York, NY/Connecticut)

Pretty Boy Floyd and the Gems  (UK - Belfast, Ireland)

Pretty Poison  (United States - Philadelphia, PA)

The Prevaricators   (UnS- Richmond, VA)

The Price   (United Kingdom - Hillingdon)

Primal Chaos   (Sweden)

Prime Ministers   (Netherlands)

The Prime Movers   (US - Sierra Madre, CA)

The Prime Movers   (United States - Boston, MA)

Primer Grey  (United States - Bakersfield, CA)

The Primevals  (UK - Glasgow, Scotland)

Primitive  (United Kingdom - Gloucester)

Primitive  (Wakefirld, West Yorkshire)

Primitives Calculators    (Australia)

Primmers  (Australia)

The Premos  (San Luis Obispo,CA - US)

Princes of Peace   (Netherlands - Arnhem)

Prison  (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Prision Postumo    (Santa Ana, CA - USA)

The Prisoners  (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

The Prisoners    (United Kingdom - Chatham)

Prisoners of War  (United States - Trenton, NJ)

Private Angst   (United States - Detroit, MI)

Private Dicks    (United Kingdom - Bristol)

Private Outrage    (United States - San Mateo, CA)

Private School  (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Private Sector  (United Kingdom - Manchester)

Private Stock    (Philippines)

Prljavo Kazalište   (Yugoslavia)

Pro Patria Mori   (United Kingdom - Wokingham)

The Probers  (United States - Providence, RI

Problem  (Sweden - Malmö)

Problem Children  (Canada - Hamilton, Ontario)

Problemi   (Pula, Croatia)

The Problemist   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Problems?   (Finland - Helsinki)

Proces (Yugoslavia - Subotica)

Process  (USA)

The Process  (Goteborg, Sweden)

Product Assar  (Sweden)

The Products   (United States - San Diego, CA)

The Products  (Sweden)

The Products  (Australia)

Profili Profili  (Yugoslavia)

Die Profis   (West Germany - Korschenbroich)

Progression Cult   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Project X    (United States - New York, NY)

Proles   (United Kingdom - Newcastle)

Proles   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

The Proles   (Germany)

The Proletariat   (United States - Boston, MA)

The Proof   (United States)

Propaganda  (Italy)

Propeller   (USSR - Estonia)

Prospect Zero  (United Kingdom - Cumbria)

Protes Bengt  (Sweden)

Protest   (United Kingdom - Denton)

Protest    (Singapore)

Protesta In Nero   (Italy - Castelfranco Emilia)

Protesti   (Finland - Tampere)

Protex   (UK - Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Protozoas   (United States - Posen, IL)

Link Protrudi and the Jaymen  (US - New York, NY)

Proud Scum   (New Zealand - Auckland)

Provoked   (United Kingdom - Norwich)

Provoked   (Ontario, Canada)

Proxies   (Thesaloniki, Greece)

Pryss    (SPringfield, ILL - USA)

Prurient   (NY, USA)

Peter Pryor   (United States - New York, NY)

P.S. Elliot   (USA)

PS   (Czechoslovakia)

P.S.   (United States - Moline, IL)

P.S.A.   (Italy)

The Psalms   (United States - Tempe, AZ)

Pseudo Existors  (United Kingdom - Lincoln)

Psihomodo Pop   (Yugoslavia)

Psocosis   (Peru)

Psychic Archie   (United States - Topeka, KS)

Psychic TV   (UK)


Psychic Violents  (United States - Gainesville, FL)

Psycho  (United States - Boston, MA)

The Psycho Daisies  (United States - Miami, FL)

Psycho Faction   (United Kingdom - Whitehaven)

Psychophysicist  (USA)

Psycho Sin  (United States - Jersey City, NJ)

The Psycho Surgeons  (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Psychodrama  (United States - Chantilly, VA)

The Psychos   (United States - New York, NY)

The Psychos   (United Kingdom - London)

Psychotic Maniacs  (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Psychotic Norman  (US- Philadelphia, PA)

Psychotic Tanks    (Germany)

Psyclones   (United States - Eureka, CA)

Psycotic Pineapple   (US - Emeryville, CA)

Psykik Volts   (United Kingdom - Dewsbury)

P.T.L. Klub  (United States - Boston, MA)

PTV   (United States - Tucson, AZ)

Public Assault   (Northwest, Indiana - USA)

Public Denial   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Public Disgrace  (United Kingdom - Liverpool)

Public Disorder   (United Kingdom)

Public Disturbance  (US - Spring Lake, NJ)

Public Domain   (Germany)

Public Execution  (Australia - Brisbane, QLD)

Public Eye     (Portland, OR - USA)

Public Humiliation  (United States - Orange, CA)

Public Image Limited   (London, UK)

Public Toys   (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Public Trust  (USA)

Puce Mary  (Denmark)

The Pudz  (United States - Seattle, WA)

Scott Puffer   (United States - Milwaukee, WI)

Puke   (Sweden)

The Pukes   (United States - Greenbrae, CA)

Pulferdrivers   (Yugoslavia - Zagreb)

Pullovers   (United Kingdom - Leeds)

Puñetazo   (Spain)

Puñetazo   (Castellon - Spain)

The Pulses  (Seattle, WA - USA)

The Pumpers  (Italy)

Punch  (San Franscico, CA - US)

Puncture   (United Kingdom - London)

Punctured Wound   (Cleveland,OH - USA)

P.P. & The Pungent Smells  (UK - Birmingham)

Punishment of Luxury   (UK)

Punkenstein   (West Germany - Hamburg)

Punks for Profit  (United States)

Punky Brewster  (United States - Camp Hill, PA)

Pupilas Dilatadas  (Brazil - Porto Alegre)

Pure Hate  (Netherlands)

Pure Hell  (United States - Philadelphia, PA)

Pure Product  (United Kingdom - Manchester)

Purgatory  (United States - Denton TX)

Purple Hearts  (United Kingdom - London)

Purple Hipsters  (United Kingdom - Canterbury)

The Purple Toads  (Canada - Oshawa, Ontario)

Purple Vulture Shit   (Australia - Adelaide, SA)

Purrkur Pillnikk   (Iceland - Reykjavík)

Þursaflokkurinn    (Iceland)

Pushed Aside   (US - Newport Beach, CA)

Pushed Aside  (UK)

Pushups   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Pussy Galore   (US - Washington, DC > NY, NY)

Putakaska   (Spain - Barakaldo)

The Put-Downs   (Beaumont, TX - USA)

Putrid Fever   (Florence - Italy)

Putten   (West Germany - Hamburg)

Putti   (USSR)

PVC   (Norway)

PVC   (West Germany - Berlin)

PVC2  (United Kingdom - Glasgow, Scotland)

P.V.P.   (Spain - Madrid)

Pyhäkoulu   (Finland - Hämeenlinna)

Pyhät Nuket   (Finland - Tampere)

Pylon   (United States - Athens, GA)

The Pylons   (United Kingdom - Epsom)

PZL   (West Germany)



PA Tronics   (Sweden)

Pacific 231 (France - Paris)

Pack  (West Germany - Munich)

Pack  (Switzerland)

The Pack     (UK)

Pacto Social   (Brazil)

Padded Cell  (US)

Padot na Vizantija   (Yugoslavia - Skopje)

Pagans   (Cleveland OH - USA)

The Pagans   (United Kingdom - Wiltshire)

Pagan Babies   (US - Philadelphia, PA)

Pagan Easter   (Italy)

Pagan Faith   (United States - Tampa, FL)

Pagan Myth   (US - San Bernardino, CA)

The Page Boys   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

Pailhead  (USA)

The Pain  (Sweden - Stockholm)

Pain   (Netherlands)

Painajainen   (Finland - Hyvinkää)

Painful Discharge   (US - Columbus, OH)

Painful X-termities   (US - Rapid City South Dakota)

Painkillers   (United States - St. Louis, MO)

Pain Teens   (Houston, TX - US)

Paint it Black   (USA)

Painted Willie   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Pajama Slave Dancers   (US - Westfield, MA)

Palberta    (USA)

The Palisades  (United States - Hawthorne, CA)  

Panaderia Bolleria Nuestra Señora Del Karmen (Spain - Madrid)

Pancerne Rowery   (Poland - Gdynia)

Pandemonium   (Netherlands - Venlo)

Pandora's Box   (United Kingdom - Manchester)

Panaroma In Black   (Ipswich, UK)

The Pandoras   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Panic   (Netherlands)

The Panic Beats   (USA)

Panic Squad   (United States - New York, NY)

Panic Stricken  (United Kingdom - Barnsley)

Panico   (Chili/French)

Panico  (Italy)

Panico  (USA)

The Panics   (United States - Bloomington, IN)

Panik   (France)

Panik   (Sweden - Bollnäs)

The Panik   (United Kingdom - Manchester)

Pankrti   (Ljubljana - Yugoslavia)

Panorama in Black   (United Kingdom - Ipswich)

Pantychriat   ((Hamilton, Ontario - Canada)

Panx Romana   (Greece - Athens)

Panzacorps   (United Kingdom - Farnborough)  

Paper Dragons  (Baltimore, Maryland - USA)

Paper Faces   (United States - Kenmore, NY)

Papierkrieg   (East Germany - Frankfurt/Oder)

Parabellum  (France - Paris)  

Parabellum   (Spain - Barakaldo)  


Paradox  (Atlanta, GA - US)

Paradox Voyeur   (United Kingdom)

Paraf   (Rijeka, Yugoslavia)

Parálisis Infantil   (Argentina)

Parálisis Permanente   (Spain - Madrid)

Parallel 5th    (United States - Providence, RI)

Paranoia   (East Germany)

Paranoia   (United Kingdom - Stoke-on-Trent)


Paranoia  (Germany)

Paranoia  (Bandung, Indonesia)

Paranoia   (Sosnowiec, Poland)

Paranoid Visions    (Ireland - Dublin)

The Parasites   (United States - Livingston, NJ)

Parásitos   (Spain - Zaragoza)

Pariah   (United States - Martinez, CA)

Pariapunk    (France - Lyon)

Paris 1942   (United States - Phoenix, AZ)

Parkinson Square   (France)

Parlament   (Yugoslavia)

Parror   (Iceland)

The Parrots   (United Kingdom - Brighton)

Part 1   (United Kingdom - Milton Keynes)

Part Time Punx   (West Germany - Weilmünster)

Part-Time Christians   (US - San Francisco, CA)

The Partisans   (UK - Bridgend, South Wales)

Partizans   (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

Partners In Crime   (United States - Union, NJ)

Party Day   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

Party Owls   (United States - Houston, TX)

Paso de Cebra   (Spain - Gijón, Asturias)

The Passage   (United Kingdom - Manchester)

Passion Killers   (United Kingdom - Barnsley)

Passion Killers  (Le Havre, France)

Passionnel   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Passiv Dodshjalp    (Gavle,Vasteras,&Stcoholm - Sweden)

The Past   (Sweden)

The Pastels   (UK - Glasgow, Scotland)

Pastiche   (United States - Boston, MA)

Patareni   (Yugoslavia - Zagreb)

The Pathetix   (United Kingdom - Nelson)

The Path Of Destruction  (US - North Syracuse, NY)

Patience   (United States - Worcester, MA)

Patois Counselors  (Charlotte, NC - USA)

Patriots   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Patrol   (United Kingdom - Leven, Scotland)

The Pattern   (Oakland, CA -USA)

Patterns   (United Kingdom - London, England)

Patterns    (Manchester, England)

The Patterns   (United States - Long Beach, CA)

Pauline and the Perils   (United States - Buffalo, NY)

Pauly Ceeep-O    (Oklahoma City, Ok - USA)

Pedestrian Deposit  (USA)

Percy Pavilion   (United Kingdom - Cambridge)

Pax Helvetia   (Switzerland - Zürich)

Pax Vobiscum   (United Kingdom - Nottingham)

Pe-Ne   (Colombia)

Peacebreakers   (USA)

Peace Corpse   (United States - Pomona, CA)

Peach   (South Africa - Durban)

Pearl Harbor and the Explosions   (US - San Francisco, CA)

P.E.A.R.L.   (US - Moreno Valley, CA)

The Peasants     (UK - Belfast, Northern Ireland)

The Peasants    (Minneapolis, US)

Peasants With Pitchforks   (US - Washington, PA)

Peate's   (Japan)

P.E.D.   (United States - New Brunswick, NJ)

Pedago Party   (Italy - Piacenza)

The Pedaljets   (United States - Lawrence, KS MO)

The Peens   (United States - Erie, PA)

Peer Group   (United States - San Pedro, CA)


Peer Pressure   (United States - Greenwich, CT)

Peer Pressure   (United States - Santa Cruz, CA)

Peer Pressure   (UK)

PegBoy   (Chicago, Ill - USA)

Peggio Punx   (Italy)

Pekinška Patka   (Yugoslavia - Novi Sad)

Pell Mell   (United States - Portland, OR)

Pelle Miljoona   (Finland - Helsinki)


Penetration   United Kingdom - Ferryhill)

Penetration   (USA)

The Penetrators   (United States - Syracuse, NY)

The Penetrators   (United States - San Diego, CA)

Penetrode   (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - USA)

Penny Arcade   (Japan)

Pent Up     (USA)

Pent Up Aggression   (US - Des Moines, IA)

Pentaject Corporation   (US- Chicago, IL)

People In Stores  (US - Boston, MA)