Terminal Fun   (UK)

Terminal Mind   (United States - Austin, TX)

Terminal Sunglasses  (Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

Termite TV  (Shrewbury, UK)

The Terminals  (Canada - London, Ontario)

Termiti   (Rijeka, Yugoslavia)                                             

The Terraplanes   (United Kingdom - Frome)

Terror  (Sweden)                                                           

Terror Cake   (United States - Albany, NY)

Terrorist  (New York City - US)

Terror Pop   (Sweden - Laholm)

Terrorways   (New Zealand - Auckland)

Terry Tranz N’ Vestites   (UK - County Durham)

Terveet Kädet   (Finland - Tornio)

TerveysKeskus   (Finland)

Test Dept   (United Kingdom - London)

Test Pattern   (United States - Sunnymead, CA)

Test Pattern  (Japan)

Testors   (United States - New York, NY)

Tetsu Arrey   (Japan - Tokyo)

Texas Ranglers   (Norway - Trondheim)

Thatcher on Acid  (United Kingdom - Somerset)

That Petrol Emotion  (UK)

The 012   (United Kingdom - London)

The 3-D Invisibles     (United States - Detroit, MI)

The 400     (United States - Washington, DC)

The 4th International   (Japan)

The's    (Japan - Tokyo)

The 88's     (United States - Seattle, WA)

Theo Dennis    (US - Philadelphia, PA)

The Texas Instruments   (US - Austin, TX)

The Textones  (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

TGV   (France)

THC   (United States - Livermore, CA)

Thee Headcoats   (UK)

Thee Headcoatees  (Kent, UK)

Thee Sixpence      (LA, CA - USA)

The Strummers   (Japan - Tokyo)

They Must Be Russians   (UK - Sheffield)

Theze   (Japan - Tokyo)

The Thieves   (Canada - Edmonton, Alberta)

Thin Yoghurts   (United Kingdom - Carlisle)

The Things   (United States - La Habra, CA)

The Things   (Australia - Adelaide, SA)

The Things  (UK)

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282  (US - San Francisco)

Think Tank   (United States - Fresno, CA)

Third Door From the Left   (UnK - London)

Third Rail   (United States - Boston, MA)

Third World Chaos   (Philippines)

This Bitter Lesson   (United Kingdom - London)

This Heat   (United Kingdom - London, England)

This Is My Fist   (Chicago---> San Francisco)

This Kind of Punishment   (New Zealand)

This Sporting Life   (New Zealand - Auckland)

Marc Thor   (United States - Boston, MA)

Thorns   (United States - Arlington, VA)

Those Attractive Magnets   (UK - Tamworth)

Those Intrinsic Intellectuals  (UK - Inverness, Scotland)

Those Naughty Lumps  (UnK - Liverpool)

Those Obnoxious Types   (United Kingdom)

The Thought Criminals  (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

The Thought Police   (UK - Portsmouth)

Thrash Happy   (United States)

Thrashers  (Sweden)

The Threads   (United Kingdom - Lincolnshire)

The Threat   (Ireland - Dublin)

Threats   (United Kingdom - Dalkieth, Scotland)

The Threats   (United States - Providence, RI)

Three Americans   (United States - Tucson, AZ)

The Three Johns   (United Kingdom - Leeds)

The Three O'Clock   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Three Party Split   (United Kingdom - Bracknell)

Thrills   (United States - Boston, MA)

The Throbbers   (United States - Chicago, IL)

Throbbing Gristle   (United Kingdom - Hull)

Throbs   (United Kingdom - London)

Thumbs   (United States - Lawrence, KS)

The Thumbs  (Washinting D.C. ----> Baltimore, MD)

Thumper   (West Germany - Nürnberg)

Johnny Thunders   (United States - Queens, NY)

Thundertrain   (United States - Boston, MA)

Ticket   (France - Nantes)

The Tickets   (United Kingdom - London)

Asmus Tietchens  (West Germany - Hamburg)

Tiffany's   (Japan)

The Tights   (United Kingdom - Worcester)

Tijuana in Blue  (Spain - Pamplona)

Tilt   (Poland - Warsaw)

The Time Beings   (US - Chelmsford, MA)

Time Square Preachers  (Sweden)

Time U.K.   (United Kingdom - London)

Time Wasters   (United Kingdom - Staffordshire)

The Times   (United Kingdom - London)

The Times   (United States - Rochester, NY)

Times Beach   (St louis, Mo - USA)

Tin Can Army   (West Germany - Göttigen)

Tin Soldier   (United Kingdom)

Tin Soldiers  (Germany)  

Tin Twist   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Tina Peel  (US - Harrisburg, PA > New York, NY)

Tinopeners   (UK - Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Tiny Lights   (United States - Hoboken, NJ)

Tipex   (UK)

The Titanics   (United States - Boston, MA)

Tito & Trantula    (US - LA, CA)

Titan Blood      (Neatherlands - Amsterdam)

The TKO’S   (USA)

TMA   (United States - Metuchen, NJ)

T.M.P.   (Yugoslavia - Zagreb)

T.N.T.   (Spain - Granada)

TNT   (Switzerland)

T.N.T.   (Mexico)

Todos Tus Muertos  (Argentina)

Toejam   (United States - San Antonio, TX)

Tofu Riot  (Rzeszow, Poland)

Toiling Midgets   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Token Entry   (United States - New York, NY)

Tokow Boys   (France - Paris)

The Tokyos   (United States - San Diego, CA)

Tolbiac's Toads  (France - Paris)

Tollwut   (West Germany - Munich)

Tollwut   (West Germany - Bochum)

Tom Pettings Hertzattacken  (Austria - Vienna)

Tom Robinson Band   (UK - London)

Tom's Midnight Garden  (UK - London)

Tommy-Rot  (United States - Berkeley, CA)

The Toms  (United States)

Tone Deaf and the Idiots  (UK - Liverpool)

T-34    (Hannover, Germany)

Andy T   (United Kingdom - Manchester)

TAB  (New Zealand - Wellington)

Ed Tabela   (United States - Providence, RI)

The Table  (UK - Cardiff, Wales > London)

Tacones  (Spain - Madrid)

Tactics  (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Tad     (Seattle, WA - USA)

The Take   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Take a Virgin   (Switzerland)

Take Four Doses   (Italy - Milan)

Take It  (United Kingdom - Hornsey)

Tales of Terror   (US - Sacramento, CA)

Talgevo   (Saltama, Japan)

Talk Is Poison  (Oakland, CA - USA)

Tall Boys   (United Kingdom - London)

Tall Dwarfs   (New Zealand - Dunedin)

Tall Paul  (United States - Boston, MA)

Tam   (Japan - Tokyo)

Tampax  (Italy - Pordenone)

Tampere SS   (Finland)

Tandstickorshocks  (Netherlands)

Tangerine Dream   (Berlin, Germany)

Tanks  (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Tans from the Sun   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Tant Brun   (Sweden - Jönköping)

Tanz Der Youth   (United Kingdom - London)

Tapehead   (Denmark)

Tapeworm   (United States - Stamford, CT)

Tappi Tíkarrass   (Iceland)

Tarantula   (US - Chicago, Ill)

Tar   (Chicago, Ill - USA)

Tar Babies   (United States - Madison, WI)

Target   (United States - Chicago, IL)

Target 13   (United States - Palm Springs, CA)

Target of Demand   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Target of Demand  (Linz, Austria)

Targets   (West Germany - Hamburg)

The Targets   (United States - Pomona, CA)

The Targets  (Japan)

Tarnfarbe   (West Germany - Neuwie)

Tashme   (Tornoto, Ontario - Canada)

Taste of Decay   (West Germany - Harrislee)

Snuky Tate   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Tatuerade Snutkukar   (Sweden)

Taugadeildin   (Iceland)

The Taxi Boys   (United States - Boston, MA)

Tazers   (United States - Fullerton, CA)

TBA   (United States - Washington, DC)

TBC  (Sweden)

Bram Tchaikovsky   (United Kingdom - London)

TDF   (Japan - Mizuho, Nishitama, Tokyo)


TDK   (Spain - Madrid)

TDV   (United States)

The Tea Set    (United Kingdom - Watford)

Team Effort  (USA)

The Teardrops   (United Kingdom - Manchester)

The Tearjerkers   (UK - Portadown, Northern Ireland)

The Tearjerkers  (United States - Syracuse, NY)

Tears of a Doll   (France - Paris)

Tears of Destruction   (UK - Fareham)

Tech-9   (Netherlands)

Technycolor  (Switzerland - Geneva)

Techtones  (New Zealand - Auckland)

Teddy and the Frat Girls   (US - Palm Beach, FL)

Tedje & de Flikkers   (Netherlands - Nijmegen)

Teds   (United States - Phoenix, AZ)

Teef    (Brighton, England)

Tee Vee Pop   (Denmark)

Teen Crud Combo  (Canada)  

The Teen Idles   (United States - Washington, DC)

Teen Lesbians & Animals   (US - Oklahoma City, OK)

Teenage Depression   (US - New Providence, NJ)

Teenage Filmstars   (United Kingdom - London)

Teengenerate    (Tokyo, Japan)

Teenage Head   (Canada - Hamilton, Ontario)

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks   (US - New York, NY)

Teenage Kicks   (Canada)

Teenage PhDs   (United States - Berkeley, CA)

Teenage Popeye   (United States - El Paso, TX)

The Teenage Queers   (United States - Dallas, TX)

Teenbeats   (United Kingdom - Hastings)

Teen Crud Combo   (Ontario, Canada)

Deniz Tek   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

The Telefones   (United States - Dallas, TX)

The Telegents  (United Kingdom - Bromley)

Telegrama  (Spain - Barcelona)

Téléphone  (France - Paris)

Telescope   (United Kingdom - London)

Television   (United States - New York, NY)

Television Personalities   (UK - London)

Telex   (Czechoslovakia)

The Tell-Tale Hearts   (US - San Diego, CA)

Temelín   (Czechoslovakia)

Temperamental Psychotics   (US - Green Bay, WI)

The Tempest  (United Kingdom - Northampton)

The Templars   (US - New York City)

Tempo  (West Germany - Berlin)

Ten Tall Men   (United States - Berkeley, CA)

The Tenant   (United States - New York, NY)

The Tenants   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Tension   (United States - Buffalo, NY)

Tension   (Fort Lauderdale, FL  USA)

Malcolm Tent    (US - Indianapolis, IN)

Terriable Feelings  (Sweden)

Térapi  (Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

Terminal Boredom   (France - Paris)

Terminal Cheesecake   (UK - East London)

Terminal Confusion   (US - New York, NY)

Terminal Disaster   (United Kingdom - London)

Töne Ohne Trompeten  (West Germany - Harrislee)

Tone Set  (United States - Tempe, AZ)

Tonight    (United Kingdom - Southend-on-Sea)

Tonight   (Japan)


Terry Tonik    (United Kingdom - London)

Giancarlo Toniutti    (Italy - Udine)

Los Tontos    (Uruguay - Montevideo)

Tony Titt and the Torpedoes  (Germany - Munich)

Too Much    (Belgium - Brussels)

The Tools  (United States - San Francisco, CA)

The Toons  (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Toothpaste   (United States - Chicago, IL)

Toreros After Ole  (Spain - Madrid)

The Bernie Tormé Band   (UK - London)

Torpedo    (West Germany - Cologne)

Torpedo Moskau   (West Germany - Hamburg)

The Torpedos  (United States - Detroit, MI)

The Torpedos  (United States - Chicago, IL)

Tørsö     US - (Oakland, CA)

Tortura Auditiva   (Mexico)

Tortura Sistematika  (Spain - Tolosa)

Tot Rocket & the Twins  (US - New Haven, CT > NY)

Total Armsvett  (Sweden)

Total Chaos  (United Kingdom - Gateshead)

Totalickers   (Barcelona, Spain)

Totalitar  (Sweden)

Toxic Zombies  (United States - Brick, NJ)

Toxik Ephex   (UnK - Aberdeen, Scotland)

Toxik Trash   (France - Ploeren)

Toxin III   (United States - Crawley, LA)

Toxoplasma   (West Germany - Neuwied)

Toy Dolls   (United Kingdom - Sunderland)

Toy Killers   (United States - New York, NY)

Toy Love   (New Zealand)

Toys   (United Kingdom - St. Albans)

The Toys  (United States - Buffalo, NY)

New Toys  US - (Buffalo NY)

Toys Went Berserk   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Tozibabe   (Yugoslavia - Ljubljana)

TPI   (United Kingdom - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Tracks   (United States - Boston, MA)

The Trademarks   (United States - Boston, MA)

Tragedy  (Portland, OR - USA)

Tragic Mulatto   (UnS - San Francisco, CA)

Tragics   (United States - Albany, NY)

Los Traidores   (Uruguay - Montevideo)

Trained Attack Dogs  (US - Philadelphia, PA)

The Trainspotters  (UK - Manchester)

Traitors   (USA)

Trance   (United Kingdom - Northampton)

Tranquilizer   (Japan - Sapporo)

Transgression   (United States - Indianapolis, IN)

The Transistors   (United Kingdom - Croydon)

Transistors  (United States - Boulder, CO)

The Transmitters   (United Kingdom - London)

Transparent Illusion   (UK - Suffolk)

The Transplants  (United States - Boston, MA)

The Transsiberian Hijackers  (Norway - Trondheim)

The Trapt  (Canada - Ottawa, Ontario)

TRASH   (Philippines)

Trash   (New Zealand)

Trash  (United Kingdom - Weybridge, Surrey)

Trash  (Belgium)

Trash  (Germany)

Trash Disaster (France)

Trash Knife  US - (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Traste & Superstararna  (Sweden - Bollnäs)

Trauma Harness    (US - St Louis, MO)

Trauma Zone   (United Kingdom - Warrington)

Traumatic   (Italy - Livorno)

Traumex  (United Kingdom)

Travolta Kids   (Sweden)

Treatment Room  (UK - Sunderland)

Treble Boys    (United States - New York, NY)

Treblinka   (Vassa,Finland)

Tredje Könet   (Sweden)

Treeline   (UK)

Treepeople   (US - Boise, Idaho)

Trek With Quintronic   (US - Buffalo, NY--->New Hope, PA)

Tremulators   (Norway)

Trench fever   (United Kingdom - London)

The Trend   (United States - Syracuse, NY)

The Trend   (United Kingdom - Manchester)

The Trend   (United States - Bootheel, MO)

Trespassers W   (Netherlands)

Trial   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Trial   (Seattle WA, USA)


Trial By Fire  (Chicago,Ill - US)

Tribe of Resistance   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Tři Sestry   (Czechoslovakia)

Triebtäter   (West Germany - Stuttgart)

Triggervision   (United States - Fairlawn, NJ)

Trip 6   (United States - New York, NY)

Tripple Cripple   (Sweden - Uppsala)

Tristan T   (Denmark)

Trixy & the Textones  (UnS - Baltimore, MD)

Tröckener Kecks   (Netherlands)

Trogsta Träsk  (Sweden - Hudiksvall)

De De Troit  (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Trojne  (Sweden)

Tronics   (United Kingdom - London)

The Troops   (United Kingdom)

Troops of Tomorrow   (United Kingdom - London)

Trotskids   (France - Rennes)

Trotsky Icepick  (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Trottel   (Hungary)

Trotz Allem  (Switzerland - Aarau)

Justin Trouble   (United States - Syosset, NY)

Troublemakers   (Sweden - Gothenburg)

Jimmy True   (United States - San Diego, CA)



True Believers   (United States - Columbus, OH)

True Colors  (Belgium)

True Colors  (New Jersey - USA)

True Confessions   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

True Love   (US - Detroit, MI)

True Vision   (UK)

True West   (United States - Davis, CA)

Trusty   (US - Little Rock, AR > Washington, DC)

The Truth   (United States - Ann Arbor, MI)

The Truth   (Melbourne, Australia)

Mark Truth & the Liars  (US - New York, NY)

Y Trwynau Coch  (UK - Swansea, Wales)

Trybuna Brudu  (Poland)

The Tryfles   (United States - New York, NY)

Tse Tse Force  (United States - Olympia, WA)

T.S.O.L.   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

T.S.T   (Sweden)

Tsunematsu Masatoshi   (Japan - Tokyo)

TT Task  (Sweden - Eskilstuna)

Tu-Do Hospital   (West Germany - Bochum)

Tubeway Army  (United Kingdom - London)

Tuff Darts   (United States - New York, NY)

Tulaviok    (France)

Tulsa Jacks  (US - Tulsa, OK > Minneapolis, MN)

Tumbas NN   (Argentina)

Tumbas  (Bogota, Colombia)

The Tunes   (United States - Lawrence, KS)

Total Control  (France)

Total Onslaught   (United Kingdom)

Totalitär  (Sweden - Hudiksvall)

Totalschaden   (East Germany - Halle (Saale))

Die Toten Hosen    (West Germany - Dusseldorf)

Totentanz  (France)

Totentanz  (Ukraine)

To the lovers, Farewell   (London, UK)

Totsuzen Danball  (Japan)

The Touch   (Canada - Edmonton, Alberta)

The Touch  (USA)

Touchtones   (United States - NY)

Touchtones   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

The Tourists   (United Kingdom - London)

Tours  (United Kingdom - Poole)

Tower of Swine   (United States - Sunnyvale, CA)

Tox Modell   (Netherlands)

Toxic Attitude   (United States - Battle Creek, MI)

Toxic Narcotic  (US - Boston, MA)

Toxic Noise  (Japan)

Toxic Pets    (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Toxic Pussy   (United States - Tulsa, OK)

Toxic Reasons  (United States - Dayton, OH)

Toxic Shock  (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

Toxic Shock  (United States - Austin, TX)

Toxic Shock   (Switzerland)

Toxic Shock   (Australia)

Toxic Toys   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

Toxic Toy Zone   (France)

Toxic Waste   (UK - Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Toxic Waste   (Lille, France)

Toxic Waste  (Russia)

Toxic Youth   ( Arroyo Grande, CA)

Tozcos  ( Santa Ana, CA - US)

Tuomio   (Finland - Pohjanmaa)

Tumbas    (Bogota - Columbia)

The Tunes    (UK)

Tunnel Canary   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

The Tunnelrunners   (UK - Neath, Wales)

Tuomio   (Finland - Pohjanmaa)

Tuomittujen Juhla  (Finland - Lempäälä)

Tupelo Chain Sex   (US- Los Angeles, CA)

Tuppjukk   (Sweden)

John Trubee and the Ugly Janitors of America (US - CA)

Turbines  (United States - Boston, MA)

The Turbo A.C.'s    (New York City - US)  

Turkey Bones & the Wild Dogs  (London/Perth, Scotland)

Turkish Delight   (Turkey)

The Turn-Ups   (United States - Harrisburg, PA)

The Turnbuckles  (US - Minneapolis, MN)

Turning Point  (United States - Moorestown, NJ)

Tutu And The Pirates  (Chicago,Ill - US)

Tuxedomoon  (United States - San Francisco, CA)

TVTV$   (Los Angeles, CA - USA)

TV Killers   (Bordeaux, France)

TV On The Radio   (US - Brooklyn, NY)

TV Product  (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

TV21  (United Kingdom - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Tvang    (Horten,Norway)

Tweed  (France - Rouen)

The Tweeds   (United States - Boston, MA)

The Tweenagers   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Tweezers   (USA)

The Twenty- Seven   (United States - Detroit, MI)

Twenty Seven Shots   (USA)

Twelve  (United Kingdom - Harrow)

Twist  (United Kingdom)

Twist & Scream   (United StatesS

The Twisted   (United States - New York, NY)

Twisted Morals of America (US - Las Vegas, NV)

Twisted Nerve   (UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Twisted Nervez   (United Kingdom)

Twisted Roots   (UnS - Los Angeles, CA)

The Twisters   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Two Fingered Approach   (UK - Crewe)

Txorromorro   (Spain)

Tyhjät Patterit   (Finland - Vammala)

Wat Tyler   (United Kingdom - London)

Typhus   (Japan - Tokyo)

Tyranna   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

The Tyrants  (United States - Green Bay, WI)

The Tyros   (United States - Pacific Grove, CA)

TZN Xenna   (Poland - Warsaw)

T-Zers   (Norway)