Wasserdicht   (Slovenia)

Wasserman Love Puddle   (US - Hawthorne, NJ)

Waste   (Netherlands)

Waste   (United Kingdom - Exeter)                                        

Waste   (Germany)

Waste Managment  (US - Boston, MA)

Wasteoids     (Canada - Toronto)

Wasted Amongst Reality  (UK)               

Wasted Brains   (Australia)

Wasted Lives  (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Wasted Talent   (US - State College, PA)  

Wasted Youth  (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Wasted Youth   (United Kingdom - London)

Wasteland   (UK - Canterbury / Whitstable)

Watabout   (Sweden - Stockholm)

The Watchmen   (United States - Chicago, IL)

The Way Out  (United Kingdom)

Wayne County    (US - Dallas, TX)

Way Out  (US - Providence, Rhode Island)

Wayouts   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

The Ways   (United States - Union, NJ)

The Wayward Youth   (US - New Orleans, LA)

Wazzo Ghoti   (New Zealand)

WC   (Sweden)

WC   (Poland)

WC  (USSR)                                                                   

WC  (Lithuania)

Wckr Spgt   (United States - Claremont, CA)

W.D.M.   (Finland)

Weak Link    (St John’s, Newfoundland - Canada

We Be Echo   (United Kingdom - London)

Webcam Teens    (US - Tallahassee, FL)

We The Living   (United States - Miami, FL)

The Weasels   (United States - Culver City, CA)

The Web   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Weddings Done Cheap   (US - Boston, MA)

The Wedding Present   (UK - Leeds)

The Wednesday Night Heroes   (Canada)

Wednesday Week   (US - Los Angeles, CA)

Week 20/21   (Denmark - Herlev)

Weekend   (Belgium - Leuven)

Ween    (US - New Hope, Pennsylvania)

The Weirdos   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Weenie Roast  (US)

Weird Party   (US - Houston,TX)

Die Wehrkraftzersetzer   (Germany - Neuhofen)

Wehrmacht   (United States - Portland, OR)

The Welders   (United States - St. Louis, MO)

Wellblech Untergrund   (Austria)

The Wells   (Japan)

Johanna Went   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Weot Skam   (Malaysia - Penang)

Westblock   (Austria)

Western Waste (United States - El Segundo, CA)

Western Waste   (US)

Westside Lockers (United States - Olympia, WA)

Wet Paint   (Netherlands - Groningen)

Wetnurse   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

What Is Oil?   (United Kingdom - London)

What Now   (United States - Providence, RI)

What to Wear   (UK - Swansea, Wales)

Wheelz   (United Kingdom - Swindon)

Where's the Pope?  (Australia - Adelaide, SA)

Whipping Boy   (United States - Palo Alto, CA)

The Whips   (UK - North Berwick, Scotland)

James White & the Blacks   (US - New York, NY)

White Boy   (United States - Washington, DC)

White Car   (United Kingdom)

White Car Pet   (UK)

White Cross  (United States - Richmond, VA)

White Drugs    (US - Denton, TX)

White Flag  (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

White Heat   (United Kingdom - Newcastle)

Whitehouse    (UK - London)

White Lines   (United States - Dearborn, MI)

White Load    (US - Rhode Island)

White Lung  (Canada)

White Noise   (Canada - Calgary, Alberta)

White Pigs   (United States - Hartford, CT)

White Pride   (United States - St. Louis, MO)

White Russia   (West Germany - Berlin)

White SS   (United Kingdom - Watford)

White Shit   (US)

The White Stripes    (US - Detroit, MI)

White Suburban Youth   (US - St. Louis, MO)

White Trash   (United States - Boulder, CO)

Whizz Kids   (United Kingdom - London)

Whizz Kids   (New Zealand)

The Whole Lotta Loves   (US - Minneapolis, MN)

Whoom-Elements   (United States - Austin, TX)

Whorehouse Of Represenatives   (US - Seattle, WA)

Wiccans    (UK)

Wide Awake   (United States - Connecticut)

Widows   (Finland)

Der Wilde Pinguin   (Austria)

Wild Child   (US - Minneapolis, MN)

The Wild Beasts   (UK - Bristol)

The Wild Boys  (United Kingdom - Coventry)

Wig Torture   (US)

Wildfang   (United States - New York, NY)

Wild Hairs   (United States - Manville, NJ)

Wildkatts   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

The Wild Stares  (US - Boston, MA > Los Angeles,CA)

Wild & Wandering   (UK - Stourbridge)

Wild Youth   (United Kingdom - Wiltshire)

Wild Youth   (South Africa - Durban)

The Willard   (Japan - Tokyo)

Willful Neglect   (United States - St. Paul, MN)

Willi Warma   (Austria - Linz)

W!re  (UK)

Wilma  (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Wimpy Dicks   (US - San Luis Obispo, CA)

The Wind   (United States - Miami, FL)

The Windbreakers  (US - Jackson, MS)

Windopen   (Italy - Bologna)

Window Pain   (US - San Bernardino, CA)

Winterswijk Chaos Front   (Netherlands)

Wipe Out Skaters   (Spain - Madrid)

Wipers   (United States - Portland, OR)

Wire   (United Kingdom - London)

The Wirms  (US - Chino, CA)

Wisdom In Chains   (US)

Wishful Thinking   (US - Westfield, MA)

Witches With Dicks   (US)

Witch Hunt   (US)

The Witch Trials   (US)

Withdraw   (United States - Green Bay, WI)

Withdraw   (US - San Marcos, CA)

Within Range   (Norway)

The Witnesses   (US - San Francisco, CA)

Wizard    (United States - San Diego, CA)

Billy Wizard   (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

WKZ   (West Germany)

Wolfgang Tillmans   (Germany - Remscheid)

The Wolfgang Press (United Kingdom - London)

Wolfpack   (United States - Albany, NY)

Wolf Parade   (Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

Wolves of the Dry Ravine  (US - Washington DC)

The Wombats   (United States - Cleveland, OH)

Wombels   (West Germany - Munderkingen)

Women in Drag   (US - Albuquerque, NM)

Women Of The SS   (US)

The Wongs   (United States - Yuma, Arizona)

Woodboot  (Australia - Brisbane)

Whoppers Taste Good   (US - St Louis, Mo)

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads  (US - New York, NY)


Mic Woods   (United Kingdom - London)

Woofing Cookies   (US - Westchester, NY)

The Woofles   (United States - New York, NY)

The Wops   (Italy - Venice)

The Work Party   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)  

Workin Muthas   (United States - Jackson, MS)

Workmates    (Netherlands)  

Da Works    (United States - Long Branch, NJ)

World Burns To Death    (US - Austin,TX)

World Domination Enterprises     (UK)

The World Service   (United Kingdom - London)

World War Rockers   (Netherlands)

World War XXIV   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

The Worst   (US - New Jersey)

Worst   (Netherlands - Alkmaar)

Wounded Knee   (Sweden)

Wounded Knee  (US - Indianapolis)

Wounded Knee   (Germany - Neidercorn)

Wounded Knee  (Poland - Warsaw)

Wounds   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

The Wrap   (United States - Miami, FL)

Wreck 'n Crew   (United States - Cortland, NY)

Wrecking Crew   (United States - Boston, MA)

Wreckless Eric   (United Kingdom - London)

Wrecks  (United States - Reno, NV)

Wrench   (US)

Wrestling Worms   (US - Santa Cruz, CA)

Wretched   (Italy - Milan)

The Wretched   (UK - County Durham)

The Wretched Ones  (US - New Jersey)

John North Wright   (US - Port Huron, MI)

Wrinklemüzik   (United States - New York, NY)

Write Off    (Canada - British Columbia)

The Wrong   (US - Hawaii > San Francisco, CA)

The Wrong Side   (US - Boston. MA)

Wrong Boys   (Italy - Broni)

Wrong Hole     (Canada)

Wrong Kind of Stone Age  (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Wuds   (Philippines)

Wulpse Varkens   (Belgium - Turnhout)

Wunderbach   (France - Paris)

Würm  (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

The Wussies   (United States - Wilton, CT)

Die Wut   (West Germany - Langenfeld)

Wutanfall   (East Germany)

Mark Wynn   (UK)

Wylsper  (France - Reims)

Wyx   (Hungary)



Waco Fuck    (US - San Diego, CA)

Harry Wagner's Identity Crisis  (US - Pittsburgh, PA)

Wah!  (United Kingdom - Liverpool)  

The Wait   (United States - Washington, DC)

Waiting for Bardot  (UK - Birmingham)

Tom Waits  (US - Pomona, CA)

Walek Dzedzej Punk Band  (Poland - Warsaw)

Walk Proud   (United States - Norwalk, CA)

David J And the J Walkers   (UK)

The Walking Seeds   (UK - Liverpool)

The Wall   (United Kingdom - Sunderland)

Walls of Genius   (United States - Denver, CO)

Die Walterelf   (West Germany - Kaiserslautern)

The Waltons   (West Germany - Berlin)

Waltz  (Japan)

Wampaku Junkies (Japan - Suginami-ku, Tokyo)

Wanastowi Vjecy  (Czechoslovakia)

Wandas   (Netherlands)

The Wanderers   (Japan - Osaka)

Wank  (US)

Wankers   (Finland)

The Wankys   (UK - Leicester)

Wannskrækk   (Norway)

Want Thought   (UK - Clwyd, Wales)

The Wants   (United States - Milwaukee, WI)

War of Destruction   (Denmark - Århus)

Warp   (US - San Francisco)

Warpainted City Indian   (Japan - Osaka)

War Risk 3   (Belgium)

War Brides   (US - Chicago, IL)

Wardance   (UK - Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Wardens   (United Kingdom - Sussex)

Wards   (United States - Burlington, VT)

Wareffort   (United Kingdom)

Warfare   (Italy - Gorizia)

Wargasm   (Netherlands)

Warhead   (Italy)

Warhead  (Japan - Kyoto)

Warhead Junk   (Japan)

Warheads   (United Kingdom)

Warheads   (Sweden)

Warheads  (Indonesia)

Warlock Pinchers   (US - Boulder, CO)

Warm Bodies  (US - Kansas City, Missouri)  

Warm Dark Pocket   (US - Nashville, TN)

Warm Gun   (France - Paris)

The Warm Jets   (US - Philadelphia, PA)

Warm Jets   (United Kingdom - London)

The Warmers  (US - Washington DC)

The Warners   (New Zealand - Auckland)

Warning  (US - Nausea, NY)

Warrior Kids   (France - Marseille)

Warsaw   (UK)

Warsaw Pakt   (United Kingdom - London)

Wart   (France - Rennes)

Wartburgs Für Walter  (East Germany - Berlin)

Warthog  (US - New York CIty)

Wartoys   (United Kingdom - Wigan)

Warwound   (United Kingdom - Birmingham)

WarZone   (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Warzone   (United States - New York, NY)

Warzone   (United Kingdom - Manchester)

The Wasps   (United Kingdom - London)