The Dead

                                                                           United Kingdom - Whiteheaven, England



                                                                     TO OUR GLORIOUS DEAD demo tape (self-released)

                                                                     REST IN PEACE demo tape (self-released)


                                                                     FAMOUS IMPOSTERS/THE DEAD split 7" EP

                                                                     (Scrobe Records, 1984)


                                                                     CONTAMINATION COMPILATION 2 tape

                                                                     (Contaminated Cassettes, 1983)


Band History and Scans contributed by Trunt

Part of the Howgil Contingent, the Dead were formed around 1982. They were the original garage band, practicing in Reg's garage and producing some great songs such as "It's No Joke," "Bandstand Boys" about sniffing glue, and the classic "Come to the Place." The Dead had a rare assortment of members - Damian a bit of a mod and a Smiths fan, Claire a big Blondie fan, Leecey the anarcho-punk, and Greeny who knows what. All came together to form a brilliant type of punk sound.

The Dead soon became very active in the punk scene, organising gigs, producing demos and releasing the Echos of Hiroshima fanzine which Reg edited. Reggy, a great guitarist who used to throw in the odd guitar solo which was not often heard in punk songs of the time, wrote most of the songs as well as the lyrics. The band had songs on the punk compilations Contaminated Cassettes and the Scrobe label's Return From the Grave. They then released their second demo Rest In Peace which was the first time they used a studio and the first time Claire sang lead vocals. She added a fresh sound and delivered some great tracks like "Prince of Darkness" and "Screaming" - a live favorite.

The demo brought great interest from Trunt, producer the Scrobe fanzine and tape label, who asked the Dead if they wanted to release a split 7" with the Newcastle band the Famous Imposters. They went into the studio again and recorded "Duty Calls" and "Burke and Hare." The latter was about the two bodysnatchers who dug up corpses for experimentation.

The split was released to great reviews and it got them a gig with the A-Heads and Psycho Faction. All this and still at school! Looking back the whole experience was amazing and if the band hadn't split due to members going to university (art and teaching), they would have gone on to better things. Damian went on to join The Green, Leecey joined Seven Deadly Sins, and disaster struck Reg who had had M.E. for many a year... Someday the Dead will rise!