Novi Cvetya

                                                                       Bulgaria - Kjustendil



                NOVI CVETYA demo tape (self-released)


                NOVI CVETYA 83-98 tape (AON Productions, 2003)


Band History, Photos compiled by Ivailo Tonchev

Traces of different formations of Novi Cvetya (New Flowers) have existed ever since 1979. This is what the band members say, and they look reasonably old for this to be true. They never got too famous and they never put out anything, with the exclusion of a demo tape, that spread out in like 10-15 copies. So, the band plays very good and interesting punk rock, highly influenced by the early UK bands with a very simple, yet effective sound. I guess they never did anything but freak around the pubs in their home town, called Kjustendil. A pretty beautiful spot on the Yugoslavian border, surrounded by mountains, but never a very vivid punk centre. With the coming of democracy they did several gigs and again vanished into the nothingness.

AON has made their demo available once again, and is going to release their first cd after so many years. It will be a 80 minute compilation of demos and archival recordings, restored and with a fancy cover with lyrics and many pictures.

Band contact:

Ivan Popov

Ul"Ivailo" 3

Kjustendil 2500