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?Fog  (N. Zealand - Auckland)

F   (US - FL, Palm Beach)

F Word! (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The F-Models (US - OH, Kent)

F-X (UK - Worthing, W. Sussex)

F/i (US - WI, Milwaukee)


(Czechoslovakia - Kladno)

The Fabulous Fondas

(US - PA, Philadelphia)

Face First   (US - OK, Norman)

Face in the Crowd  (UK - Crewe)

The Facet  (US)

Face Up   (Bulgaria)

Face Value  (US - OH, Cleveland)


(Canada - Alberta, Edmonton)

Facility Men  (US - NY, Buffalo)

The Faction  (US - CA, San Jose)

Faction  (UK - Hackey - London)

Faction  (UK)

Faction  (US)

Factory  (France - Givors)


Factory  (US - NY, Albany)

The Factory   (US)

Factory Poems (UK - Scotland)

Factory Toys  

(Netherlands - 's-Hertogenbosch)

Factrix  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Factual  (US - TN, Nashville)

Fad Gadget (UK)

The Faders  (UK)

Fade to Black

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Fading Out (US - KY, Louisville)

The Fags   (US - WA, Seattle)

Fahrenheit 451   (US - NY)

Fahrenheit 451

(Holland - Groningen)

Fahrenheit  451  (US)


(Canada - Quebec, Montreal)

Jad Fair (US - MD, Baltimore)

Fairfuck (US)

Fair Warning

(Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

The Faith (US - WA DC.)

Faith No More

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Fake Surfers  (US)

Fakir   (US -  NYC)

Tav Falco's Panther Burns

(US - TN, Memphis)

The Falcons   (Japan)

The Fall (UK - Manchester)

FallOut (Italy - La Spezia)

The Fall-Outs

(US - WA, Bellingham)

Fallback (US - CT, Hartford)

Falling Idols

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

Fallout  (UK - Surrey)

False Alarm  (US - CA, Monterey)

False Alarm  

(US - CA, Beverly Hills)

False Confession  

(US - CA, Oxnard)

False Liberty (US - WA, Seattle)

False Prophets (US - NYC)

False Virgins

(US - NJ, Haddon Heights)

Familia Real  

(Spain - Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Familie Hesselbach

(W Germany - Tübingen)

Family Fodder (UK - London)

Family of Noise  (UK)

Family Plot  

(Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Famine Year  (Finland - Helsinki)

Famous &  Fallen (US)

Famous Imposters  (UK)

Famous Players

(UK - London)

Fan Club  (US - Brighton)

Fancy  (US - TX,  Austin)

Fan Houtens Kókó   (Iceland)

Die Fanatischen  (E. Germany)

Fang  (US - CA, Berkeley)

The Fans  (UK - Bristol)

The Fans  (US - GA, Atlanta)

The Fans (US - IL, Chicago)

Farce  (UK)


(Argentina - Buenos Aires)

Mick Farren  

(UK - Cheltenham)

Jerrys Farsa

(Sweden - Göteborg/Trollhättan)

The Fartz (US - WA, Seattle)

Fashion (UK)

Fashinis (Canada - Vancouver)

The Fast (US - NYC)

Fast Cars (UK - Manchester)

Fast Cars

(Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Fast Eddie (US - Essex)

Fastbacks (US - WA, Seattle)

Fatal Brutal (Germany, Offburg)

Fatal Charm (UK - Nottingham)

Fatal Error

(US - CA, Chatsworth)

Fatal Existence

(US - PA, Reading)

Fatal Microbes (UK - London)

Fatal Rage

(US - NJ, Long Branch)

Fatal State (US - OR, Portland)

Fatal Vision

(US - NY, Centerport)

Fatalitees (US - NY, Chester)


(Spain, Barcelona)

Fate Unknown

(US - MI, Detroit)

Fathead Suburbia

(US - NY, New Rochelle)


(US - CA, San Francisco)

Faultfinder (US - MO, KS CIty)

The Favourites

(UK - Nottingham)

Faxe (Sweden)

FCA (Italy)

FCC   (US)

FCON (US - WA, White Center)


(W. Germany - Düsseldorf)

FDS (Sweden)

Fealty(US - NY)

Fear (US - CA,  Los Angeles)

Fear and Loathing

Australia - Adelaide, SA)       

Fear Itself  (US - SC, Charleston)

Fear of God  (Switzerland)

Fear Of War (Sweden - Fagersta)                              

Fearless Iranians From Hell

(US - TX, San Antonio)

Fearless Leader

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

Fearless Vampire Killers  

(Japan - Yokosuka)

Feast of Fools   (UK)

Features   (N. Zealand - Auckland)

The Features  (US - NYC)

The Features  (UK - Orpington)

The Features  (UK - London)

The Features  (US)

Feber   (Norway)

Fecal Matter  (US - WA, Aberdeen)

Feckin Ejits   (United Kingdom)

Los Federales  (US)

Feed Your Head (UK - Nottingham)

Feederz  (US - AZ, Phoenix)


(Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Les Félés  (France - Paris)

The Feelies  (US - NJ, Haledon)

F.F.F.  (W. Germany - Bonn)

Flechers  (US - KY, Lexington)

Fellini  (Brazil - São Paulo)

The Fells  (US)

Female Hands  

(Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Fender Buddies

(UK - CA, Los Angelas)

The Fems (US - NY, Buffalo)

Pete Fender (UK - London)

Fensics  (US - OK City)

Feral Existence (UK - Sheffield)

Ferocious X  (Japan - Osaka)

The Fester Brothers

(Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Fetish (US - OR, Portland)

The Fierce Volleys

(UK - W. Yorkshire)

Fetus Christ  (UK - Hereford)

Few Good Things

(US - NC, Raleigh)

Fiend  (ireland - Galway)

Fifth Column (Canada - Toronto)

The Fifth Column (US - NYC)

Fhab 4  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Final Exit  

(Japan - Kanagawa, Prefecture)

Final Blast (France - Pontarlier)

Final Conflict

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

Final Conflict

(US - MN, Minneapolis)

Final Count  

(Japan - Tokyo Suginami)

Final Program  (Scotland - Stirling)

Final Solution US - NY)

Final Solution (US)

Final Solutions  

(US - TN, Memphis)

Final Warning  (US - OR, Portland)

The Fingers  (US - CA - Los Angeles)

The Fingers  

(US - PA, Pittsburgh-> NYC)

Karen Finley  (US - IL, Evenston)

FIreworks  (US - TX, Dallas)

Fire Heads   (US)

The First Steps  

(UK - Worlington,Suffolk)

The First Things

(US - IL, Champaign)

Fishbone  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Fish for Life

(N. Zealand - Auckland)

Fish Karma (US - AZ, Tucson)

Fishschool (N. Zealand - Auckland)                    

Fish & Roses (US - NY)

Steve Fisk (US - WA, Seattle)

Fiskales Ad Hok  (Chile)

Fisticuffs (US)

Fissure  (US - CA)

Fit for Abuse (US - NY Albany)

Fit for Abuse (US - MA, Lunenburg)

Fit of Anger  US - NYC)

Fitness Womxn (US - NC)

Fit of Rage (Brazil)

The Fits (UK - Layton / Blackpool)

The Fits (Canada - Ontario,Toronto)

Patrick Fitzgerald  (UK - London)

The Five

(US-PA, Pittsburgh-> MA, Boston)

Five Minute Major   (US)

Five Thirty   (UK)

Five Year Mission  

(N. Zealand - Napier)

The Fix  (US - MI, Lansing)

Fix + Fertig  (W. Germany)

Fix+ Fertig  (Switzerland)

Fixator  (Belgium)

Fixed Up  (France)

Fidelity Jones (US - WA DC.)

Fiebre  (Spain)

The Fiend  

(UK - Herbburn, Newcastle)

Fiends  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Fiends  (US - NYC)

The Fiendz  (US - NJ, Totowa)

Film  (Yugoslavia)

Flilos (Spain)

Filtering Pore (US - CA, San Rafael)

Filth (Netherlands - Amsterdam)

Filthkick (UK - Birmingham)

Filthy Christians (Sweden - Falun)

Filthy Scumbags

(Australia - Adelaide, SA)

The Finders  

(US - CA, San Francisco)


(US - MN, Minneapolis)

Fingerprintz (UK - London)

Finis Africae (Spain)

The Finns  (US - MO, St. Louis)

Fire Engines

(UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Fire Exit (UK - Scotland)

Fire Fæle Fyrer (Norway)

Fire Party (US - WA DC.)

Firing Squad (US - WA, Seattle)

Firing Squad (US)

Firing Squad (UK)

Fjerned Haarwæxsth (Norway)

FKK Strandwixer

(W. Germany - Munich)

Flaccid  (US - MA, Salem)

Flack Off  (UK - Warwickshire)

Flag of Democracy

(US - PA, Philadelphia)

The Flakes

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Flak  (Japan)

Flak (UK)

Flak (N. Zealand - Auckland)

The Flaming Lips  

(US - OK City)

Flaming Midgets  (US)

The FlashCubes

(US - NY,Syracuse)

Flashlights  (Japan, Tokyo)

Flaska Visocini  

Czech Republic - Termelin)

Flat Worms (US)

Flea Circus (US - IL, Chicago)

Fleas And Lice  

(Netherlands - Groningen)

Fleisch  (Switzerland)

Flema  (Ecuador)

Flema  (Argentina)

Flesh  (Japan - Tokyo)

Flesh & Skin (Thailand)

Flesh Columns

(Canada - Ontario, Windsor)

Flesh D-Vice

(N. Zealand - Wellington)

The Flesh Eaters

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

Fleshies  (US)

Flesh Narc (US - TX, Denton)

Flesh World (Australia - E. Victoria)

The Fleshtones (US - NYC)

The Flex   (UK - Leeds)

Flexx    (W. Germany - Bielefeld)

The Flies (US - MA, Boston)

Flight 401 (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Flippa Hormoner (Norway)

Flipper (US - CA, San Francisco)

Flitox  (France - Paris)

Flip Shit (US - NY, Hilton)

Flirt  (US)

Flitox (France - Paris)

Floo Flash (France - Lyon)

Floorlords (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Floorpunch  (US - NJ)

The Florida Razors

(Canada - Ontario, Hamilton)

Flower Leperds

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Flowers

(UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Flowers in the Dustbin

(UK - London)

Der Fluch

(W. Germany - Cologne)


(W. Germany - Cologne)

The Fluid

(US - CO,Denver-> WA, Seattle)

Flux of Fluster  (Italy - Milan)

Flux of Pink Indians  

(UK - Hertfordshire)

FLQ  (Canada)

Fly on the Wall  (UK - Devon)

Flyboys  (US - CA, Arcadia)

The Flyin' Spiderz   (Netherlands)

Flying Colours

(UK - Cardiff, Wales-> London)

Flykills   (US - NY, Brooklyn)

Flying Squad  

(Canada - Ontario, London)

The Flytraps (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Flys (UK - Coventry)

The Flyx (China - Beijing)

FM Knives  (US - CA, Sacramento)

F-Minus  (US - CA, Huntington Beach)

FOAD (Canada - BC, Surrey)

FOAD (Japan - Tokyo)

Foam  (UK - London)

Foams (US - TX, Austin)

Otis Fodder

(Canada,  Montréal, Québec)

The Fog (Germany)

Fogo Cruzado (Brazil)

F.O.H .

(W. Germany - Markgröningen

Folded Shirt

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Folk Devils (UK - London)

Follow Fashion Monkeys  

(US - PA, Leheigh Valley)

The Following   (US - NYC)

Food & Money   (US - IL, Chicago)

For Against   (US - Lincoln, NE)

Foetus  (Australia - Melbourne)

Forbidden Beat  

(Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Forced Anger (US - MI, Detroit)

Forced Reality

(US - CT, Waterbury)

Forced Tradition

(US - CA, Sacramento)

Force fed  (US - PA, Pennsylvania)

Foreign Bodies (US - OH, Cleveland)

Foreign Legion

(UK- Merthyr Tydfil,Glamorgan,Wales)

Foreign Objects  (US - MA, Amherst)

Foreign Press  (UK - Manchester)


(US - CA, San Francisco)

Forged  (US - CA, San Fernanado)

The Forgotten Rebels  

(Canada - Ontario, Hamilton)

Formaldehyde Junkies

(US - MN, Minneapolis)

Forra (UK)

Fort B.S (Poland)

Fort & Gæli (Norway)

The Fort Worth Cats

(US - TX, Fort Worth)

Le Forte Four  

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

Forward  (Japan)

Foster Care  (US - NYC)

Fourteen Or Fight  (US - IL, Chicago)

Fourth Rotor (US)

Forward (Japan)

The Fotoness (Poland - Warsaw)

Fottutissima Pellicceria Elsa  (Italy)

Foundation  (US - GA, Atlanta)

Found Dead In A Trunk (US)

Fountains of Use

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Four Cockroaches  (USSR - Moscow)

The Four Guns (UK - Brighton)

Four Walls Falling

(US - VA, Richmond)

Four Mandarines  (Sweden)

Thee Fourgiven (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Foutre (France - Tours)

F.P.B.(Czechoslovakia - Teplice)

Le Fracas(France - Orange)

Fragile Porcelain Mice  

(US - MO, St Louis)

Fræbbblarnir (Iceland - Reykjavik)


(Canada -  Nova Scotia, Halifax)

Frakture  (France - Rennes)

Frank Details (UK)

Frankie Flame (UK - London)

Framtid  (Japan - Osaka)

Franti (Italy)

The Frantic Five

(Greecw - Thessaloniki)

The Frantic Elevators

(UK - Manchester)

Frantic Flintstones (UK)

Frantix  (US - CO, Boulder)

Fratricide  (Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Frau  (UK - London)

Frau Suurbier  (W. Germany - Berlin)


(US-CA,San Francisco & Los Angeles)

Freaks Of Nature  (US)

Freak Vibe  (US - WA, Seattle)

Frecuencia De Muerte

(US - OR, Portland)

Free Beer (US - CA, San Francisco)

Free Love Society (Sweden)

Freedom  (Japan - Osaka)

Freedom (US - MI, Detroit)

Freestone (US - CA, San Francisco)

Freewill (US - CA, Big Bear City)

The Freeze (US - MA, Cape Cod)

The Freeze  

(UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

The French Are from Hell

(US - VA, Fairfax)

The Frenchmen (US - PA, Erie)

The Frenetics  US - TX, Dallas)

Frenopaticss (Spain - Barcelona)

Frenzy  (US - OR, Portland)

Frenzy Battalion

(UK - Middlesbrough)

Fresh Color (Switzerland - Zurich)

The Freshies (UK - Manchester)

Freshly Riots (Denmark)

Freshmen  (Ireland)

Siegmar Fricke  (Germany)

Friction  (Japan - Tokyo)

The Friction  (UK - Luton)

Fried Egg  (US - VA, Richmond)

Friends of Betty (US - IL, Chicago)

Frightwig  (US - CA, San Francisco)

The Fringe   (UK)

Frites Modern

(Netherlands - Amsterdam)

Friðryk (Iceland - Reykjavík)

From The Rise

(US-Nashville TN-> OR, Portland)

The Front (US - San Diego, CA)

The Front (US- FL, Miami)

The Front (UK- London)

Frontier Club(US - CA)

Front line Assembly (Canada - BC)

Front Line  (US - CA, Los Gatos)

Front Line  (US - VA, Norfolk)

Front Page  Norway - Halden)

Front 242 (Belgium)

Frostbite (US)

Fruit Punch  

(US - PA, Philadelphia)

Frustrerad  (Belgium - Ghent)


(Prince Edwards Island -Charottetown)

F.S.F. (Malaysia)

F.S.K. (W. Germany - Munich)

FU's (US - MA, Boston)

F.U.2 (UK - London)


(UK - Belfast, N. Ireland)

Fuerza Bruta (US - IL, Chicago)

Fuck Geez (Japan - Kyoto)

Fuck It...I Quit! (US, NJ)

Fuck Shit Piss

(US - NV, Las Vegas)

Fucked Up (Canada)

Fuck-Ups  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Fuck You Pay Me

(US - OH, Cleveland)


(US-FL,Ft. Lauderdale-> CA,San Fran)

The Fuckers  (W. Germany - Berlin)

Fuga (US - CA, Santa Ana)

Fugazi (US - WA DC.)

Dave Fuglewicz  (US)

The Fugs (US - NY)

Full Fathom Five (US - IA City)

FUN  (Italy - Rome)

Fun 4  (UK - Glasgow, Scotland)

The Functional Blackouts  

(US - IL, Chicago)

Fundamental  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Fun Things  

(Australia - Brisbane, QLD)

Funboy Five  (UK - Hemel Hempstead)

Funeral  (US - CA, Long Beach)

Funeral Dress  (Belgium)

Funeral Oration

(Netherlands - Amsterdam)

Funeral Swans  (US)

Fungus Brains

(Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Funhouse (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Funkuchen  (W. Germany - Berlin)

The Funseekers  

(US - MN, Minneapolis)

Furious Apples  (UK - Coventry)

The Fur Coats  (US - TX, Austin)

Tom Furgas  (US - OH,Youngstown)

Furors  (US - CT, Hamden)

Fury  (US  - NYC)

Furry Couch  (US - PA, Philadelphia)

The Furys  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Fuse

(Canada - Manitoba, Winnipeg)

The Fuses  (US - MD, Baltimore)

Fussy  (US - CA, Santa Rosa)

Futbol (Russia)

Futrura (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Future Bodies  (UK - London)

Future Dads  (US - MA, Boston)

Future Slaves  (Ireland - Dublin)

Future Slaves (US - OR, Portland)

The Future Sounds of London


Future Terror

(US - VA , Richmond)

Futurisk  (US)

Futuro  (Brazil - Sao Paulo)

Fuz (France - Marseille)

The Fuzztones (US - NYC)

F.V.K. (US)

FVK/EMG   (US - DE, Milford)

F.W.A. (US - FL, Miami)

Fy Fan  (Sweden - Malmo)

Fyrce Muons  

(US - UT, Salt Lake-> OK City)