Inferno (Sweden)

Infernog  (Sweden)

Infernöh  (Sweden)

Infest  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Infezione   (Italy - Modena)

The Infidels  (US - MI, Ann Arbor)

Inflatable Boy Clams

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Inflicted Noise (UK)

Infliktors   (US - MA, Boston)

Influënzia   (Malaysia, Kuantan)

Ingron Hutlös   (Sweden)

Initial Attack (US -  PA, Philadelphia)

Initial Reaction  (US - IL,  Plainfield)

Initial Reaction (US - VA, Alexandria)

Injections (US - DE, Wilmington)

Infections  (US - West Michigan)

Injected Youth

(France - Haguenau)

The Injections (US - CA, Coronado)

The Injections (US)

The Injections (UK)

Injektion (Sweden)

Inkwizycja (Poland - Krakow)

Inner Strength (US - NYC)

Inner Strength  (US - IL, Hinsdale)

Innocent  (Japan)

Innocent  (Germany)

Innocent Bystanders

(UK - Fulham)

The Innocent Vicars  (UK - London)

Innocents  (Japan - Shizuoka)

The Innocents  (UK - London)

Inocentes  (Brazil - São Paulo)

Inokentijs Marpls  (Russia - Latvia)

Insalus (France - Paris)

The Insane  (UK - Wigan)


Irreparables  (UK)

Insane Hombres

(Australia - Brisbane, QLD)

Insania (Czechoslovakia - Brno)

Insanity Defense

(US - NY, Centerport)

Insanity Puppets

(US - CA, Santa Rosa)

Insect Powder (Japan - Sendai)

Insecurity (France)

Inserts (US - TX, Austin)

The Inserts

(Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

The Inserts (UK)

Insex  (Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Inside Out  (US - CA Los Angeles)

Inside Out (US - MI, Royal Oak)

Inside Out (US - NY, Yonkers)

Inside 2 Stupid Triangles (Nepal)

Insight (US - UT, Salt Lake City)

Insolents (US - CA, San Diego)


Instant Agony (UK - Birkenhead)

The Instant Automatons

(UK - Lincolnshire)

Instant Agony (UK -  Birkenhead)

Instant Music (W. Germany - Munich)

Insted (US - CA, Anahelm)

The Insteps (US - NY)

Instigators (UK - Huddersfield)

The Instigators  (N. Zealand)

Instinct Of Survival  

(Germany - Hamburg)

Institute  (US - TX, Austin)

Instruktsija Po Vyzhivaniju (Russia)

Insulin Reaction (US - CA, Pomona)

Insult to Injury  (US - IL, Chicago)

Insult to Injury  (Canada - BC)

Insult to Injury  (US)

The Insults  (US - MI, N. Muskegon)

The Insults  (US - CA, Watsonville)

Insurance Risk  (US)

Insurgents  (Australia - Queensland)


(Channel Islands - Guernsey)

Intense Degree  (UK - Mansfield)

Intensified Chaos (US - CA, Berkeley)

Intensive Care

(UK - Scotland > Crawley)

Intensive Care (UK - Brighton)

Intent  (US - NY, Albany)

Intent  (US - TX, Austin)

Intent to Injure (US - MA, Dartmouth)

International Language

(US - AZ, Phoenix)

The International Noise Conspiracy


International Q (US - CT, Newington)

Interterror (Spain - Benetússer)

Intimate (Sweden)

The Invaders (UK - W.Yorkshire)

Invasion (Sweden - Sundsvall)

Los Invasores (Uruguay - Suarez)

Invisible Chains

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Invisible College

(Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Invisible Engine

(US - OH, Cincinnati)

Invisible Eyes  (UK - Frome)

Intoxication of Violence


Iowa Beef Experience  

(US - IA, City)

Ipso Facto  (UK - Sheffield)

I.Q. Zero  (UK - Blackburn)

I.R.A.  (Colombia - Medellín)

Irah  (Italy - Rimini)

Iron Bars  (US - MO, St louis)

Iron Chic  (US - NY)

Iron Cross

(US - Arlington,Virginia)

Iron Guts kelly  

(US - KS, Lawrence)

Iron Prostate  (US - NYC)

Iron Suite (US - MO, St. Louis)

The Irritators  (US)

Irreal  (Spain - Barcelona)

Irstas  (Finland - Oulu)

Ischjazz  (Norway - Grenland)

...Is Dodelijk

(Germany - Nuremberg)

Isinglass (Germany)

Ism  (US - NYC)

Isocracy (US -  CA, Berkeley)

Isolation (Italy - Cavasso Nuovo)

Isotope  (US - CA, Oakland)

Isotope Soap  (Sweden)

Isterismo (Tokyo - Japan)

It Figures (US - NH,  Somersworth)

Itchy Rat  Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Itsa Skitsa

(Canada - Ontario, London)

I.U.D. (US - CA, Orange County)

IV Reich (Spain - Zaragoza)

Ivan and the Executioners

(US - NYC)

Ivan Siberia (Italy - Turin)

The Ivories  (US- MI, Detroit)

Ivy  (US,NY, Brooklyn)

Ivy Green  (Netherlands)

Ivy League  (US - IL, Chicago)

Ivy League TX (US - TX, Midland)

Ixtoc-1 (W. Germany - Berlin)



I Am the Hamster  

(US - CA, Norwalk)

I.C.1 (Germany)

ID (Poland,Kraków, Lesser)

I Deny  (Italy)

I Hate This  (US)  

I Jog and the Tracksuits

(UK - Uxbridge)

I Refuse It!   (Italy - Florence)

I Spit On Your Gravy

(Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

I'm Dead  (UK - Kent)

I'm So Hollow  (UK - Sheffield)

I, Braineater

(Canada - BC, Vancouver)

IB Singer (Japan - Tokyo)

Ice (France - Paris)

Ice 9  (US - OR, Portland)

Ice and the Iced

(Italy - Pordenone)


(Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Ichfunktion (E.Germany)

Icon A.D. (UK - Leeds)

Iconoclast (US - CA, Sylmar)

Iconoclasts (UK - Liverpool)

The Icons  (US - WA, Seattle)

Icons of Filth

(UK - Cardiff, Wales)

I.C.U. (US - CA, San Francisco)

Id  (Poland)

I.D. Under  (US - IL, Chicago)

Ideals (US - TX,  Austin)

Identity (UK - Redditch)


(Warsaw and Wrocław - Poland)

Identity Crysis

(US - CA, Sacramen->CA, San Diego)

Idiootti (Finland)

Idiot (US - CA, San Francisco)

Idiota Civilizzato (Germant - Berlin)

Idiot Clone  (UK - Mansfield)

Idiot Humans (US - OH, Cleveland)

Idiot Idolaters (Japan - Sendai)

IdiotSavant  (Netherlands)

The Idiots

(W. Germany - Dortmund)

The Idiots

(UK - Belfast, N. Ireland)

Idle Rich (US - RI, Providence)

Idle Roo  (US - FL, Tampa)

Idle Worship (US - WA, Olympia)

The Idlewiles

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Idle Hands (US)

Idol Threat (US - MN, Minneapolis)

Idora (Japan - Suginami, Tokyo)

Iena (Italy - Florence)

IIn Formation

(Netherlands - Wormer)

If Then (Go To)

(US - RI, Providence)

If, Bwana  (US - NY, Chester)

If-Then-Else (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Ignerents (UK - Whitstable)

Ignition (US - WA DC.)

Iggy Pop (US - MI, Muskegon)

Igry (Russia)

The Iguana (US - KS, Topeka)

III Kategorija  (Slovina - Ljubana)                                       

Ikari (Japan)

Ikara Colt (UK - London)

Ikruas  (Iceland)


Ikkashinju (Japan - Aichi)

Ill Repute   (US - CA, Oxnard)

Ill Will  (US - CA, El Segundo)

Illegal 15  (UK - Hertfordshire)

The Illegal Aliens (US - OH, Columbus)

Los Illegals (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Illiterates  (US - NY)

Illtunes (United Arab Emirates)

iLinx (US - WA, Olympia)

Imbeciles By Class

(Malaysia - Brunei)

Im Nebel (Norway - Haugesund)

Imagen (Colombia - Medellín)

Images (US - MD, Arnold)

Imminent Attack (US - WI, Madison)

Immoral Discipline  (US - WA DC.)

Impact  (Italy)

Impact  (UK - Wales)

Impact Unit  US - MA, Boston)

Impalers (US - TX, Austin)

Imparcial (US - CA, San Jose)

Imperial Leather

(Sweden - Stockholm)

Imperfect Youth (UK)

The Imports (US - IL, Chicago)

The Impossible Dreamers

(UK - Exeter)                           

The Impossible Years

(US - PA, Philadelphia)

The Impostors

(US - CA, San Francisco)

(Impatient) Youth

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Indice De Desempleo  

(Chile - Santiago)

In Excelsis (UK - Luton)

In The Center(Chile)

In Dire Fucking Straits  

(UK - Blackpool)

In Your Face  

(US - NY, W. Babylon)

In Your Face  (CA)

IN2XS! (UK - Blackpool)

The Inanimate Objects

(US - TX, Houston)

Th' Inbred

(US - Morgantown, W. Virginia)

Inca Babies (UK - Manchester)

Incest (Netherlands)

Incest Brothers (Sweden)

Los Inciados (Spain - Madrid)

The Inclusions

(US- MN, Minneapolis)

The Incredible Kidda Band

(UK - Coventry)

The Incubators (US - IL, Chicago)

The Incubators (Sweden)

Indecent Assault (UK - Wales)

Indecent Exposure (UK - London)

Index  (Japan - Osaka)

Index (US - CA, San Francisco)

Indian Dream (UK)

Indian Summer  

(US-N.Virgina->WA DC.)

Indigesti  (Italy)

Indignation  (Sweden)

Indignation  (US - NYC)

Indirekt   (Netherlands - Hoorn)

Indust Bag   (Yugoslavia)

Infa Riot   (UK - London)

Infamous Scientists

(Canada - BC, Victoria)

L' Infanterie Sauvage (France)

Infected  (UK - Huddersfield)

Infected Youth

(France - Haguenau)

L' Infanterie Sauvage (France)

Infected  (UK - Huddersfield)

Inferno  (W. Germany - Augsburg)