A 3 dans le WC (France - Saint-Quentin)

A - Bomb   (Japan)

A  Better Hope Foundation   (US - CA)

A Child's Trust In God  (US - IA, Des Moines)

A Frames  (US - WA,  Seattle)

A-Moms (US)

A New Personality (US - FL, Tampa)

A Number of Things (US - NC, Raleigh)

A Popular History of Signs  (UK - London)

A Priori  (US - NJ, Morristown)

A State of Mind (US - CA, San Francisco)

A Touch of Hysteria   (UK - Ambleside)

A Witness  (UK - Manchester)

The A's  (US - PA, Philadelphia)

A+P   (West Germany - Munich)

A-Heads  (UK - Warminster, Wiltshire)

A-Musik  (Japan)

A 5   (West Germany - Bremen)

AA   (Belgium - Hasselt)

AB Hjärntvätt  (Sweden - Gothenburg)

Abaddon  (Poland - Bydgoszcz)

The Abandos  (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Abandoned  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Abductors   (UK - Nottingham)

The Abductors  (UK - Newcastle)

Lucas Abela     (Australia)

Abeyance   (US - NV, Las Vegas)

Abgas    (Switzerland)  

Abhor   (United Kingdom)

Abi Ooze   (US - PA, Philadelphia)

ABKK   (Sweden - Västerhaninge)

Abnormal Behavior    (US - NJ)

Abolitionist  (US - Oregon)

Aborted   (United Kingdom)

Abortion Squad  (US - NH, Manchester)

Abortti 13    (Finland)

Abrasive Wheels (UK - Leeds)

The Abs  (UK - Newport, Wales)


Absence of Malice  (US - VA, Richmond)

The Absentees   (US - CA, Long Beach)

Absolut   (Canada - Ontario, Toronto)

Absolute Grey   (US - NY, Rochester)

Absolution  (US - NYC)

Abstract Critique   (United Kingdom)

Abstractions   (US - IN, Indianapolis)

Abstracts   (United States)

Absurd   (Sweden)

Absurd   (Poland - Gliwice)

Abteilung Nr 409   (Switzerland)

Aburadako   (Japan - Tokyo)

Abuse  (United States - KS, Lawrence)

The Abused   (US - NYC)

Abused  (France - Rennes)

Abusivo   (US - CA, Oakland)

Abwärts  (West Germany - Hamburg)

AC4    (Sweden - Umea)  

Academy One   (United Kingdom)


(US - WY,  Laramie --> CA, Los Angeles)

Accelerators   (United States - NJ, Union)

The Accelerators  (UK)

Accident   (US - WA, Bellingham)

Accident on the East Lancs  (UK - Rochdale)

The Accidents   (UK - Maldon)

Accursed   (United Kingdom - Kent)

The Accüsed   (US - WA, Seattle)

Accused   (UK - London)

The Accused  (US - MD, Baltimore)

The Accused (US - Birmingham)

The Aces   (United Kingdom - London)

Acetylene  (Belgium)

Acid   (Japan - Nerima, Tokyo)

Acid Attack   (UK - Portsmouth)

Acid Pigs  (United States - CA, Denver)

Acid Reflux  (US)

Acid Reign  (New Zealand - Wellington)

Acme Attractions  (UK)

Acme Sewage Co.  (UK - Welwyn Garden City)

Acorns   (Netherlands)

Acruz Sesper  (Brazil - São Paulo)

Acrylics    (US - CA, Santa Rosa)

Act   (France)

The Act   (Italy)

The Act   (United Kingdom - London)

A.C.T.H.   (Italy - Verona)

Actifed   (United Kingdom  Hounslow)

The Action   (Canada - Ontario, Ottawa)  

Action Now   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Action Pact    (UK - Stanwell Middlesex)

The Actionauts  (Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Active Dog   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Active Ingredients   (US - KY, Lexington)

Active Ingredients   (US - NJ,  Lodi)

Active Minds  (UK - Scarborough)

Actives   (UK - Dunfermline, Scotland)

Activists  (United Kingdom)

A.C.X.O.   (Brazil)

AD 1984   (United Kingdom - Surrey)

AD 80   (United Kingdom)

A.D. Skinner  (Australia - Melbourne, Victoria)

Ad Nauseam (UK - Portsmouth)

ADN Ckrystall   (France - Toulouse)

Adam and the Ants  (UK - London)

Steve Adamyk Band

(Canada - Ontario, Ottawa)

Adaptors   (US - CA, San Francisco)

The Addiction   (US - MN, Minneapolis)

Adderall  (US - NC, Asheville)

The Addiction   (UK - Pontypridd, Wales)

Adenoid   (Japan)

The Adicts   (United Kingdom - Ipswitch)

Adiexodo   (Greece - Athens)

ADL   (Finland)

Adolescents   (US - CA, Fullerton)

Admass  (United Kingdom - Weymouth)

Adrenalin O.D.   (US - NJ, New Brunswick)

Ads   (Denmark - Copenhagen)

AD’s   (United States - NY, Albany)

The Adults   (US - WA, Seattle)

Advance   (US)

Adversity   (Canada - Burnaby, BC)

Advertising   (UK - London)

The Adverts   (UK - London)

Aerial FX  (UK)

Aqui d’el Rock   (Portugal)                                               

Arabens Anus  (Sweden - Kristinehamn)

A.E. Bizottság   (Hungary)

Aedi    (Italy - Milan)

The Aesthetics   (US - CA, Westminster)

The Affectives  (US -  NYC)  

Affirmative Action   (US - NY, New Paltz)

Afflict   (Netherlands - Eindhoven)

The Afflicted  (US -  CA, San Francisco)

Afflicted Man   (United Kingdom - Kent)

The Afghan Whigs   (US - OH, Cincinnati)

Algae Afterbirth   (US - RI, Pawtucket)

Afterimage   (US - CA,  Los Angeles)  

Again   (United States - CO, Denver)

Against   (US - CA, Venice)

Against the Grain

(US - CA, San Juan Capistran)

Against the Wall (US - CA, Orange County)


Agari   (South Korea)

Agen 53   (W.Germany - Verden)

Agent 86   (United States - CA, Arcata)

Agent Orange   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Agent Orange   (Netherlands)

Aggression   (Japan)

Aggressive Dogs   (Japan - Fukuoka)

Agitpop    (US - NY, Wappingers Falls)

Rikk Agnew    (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Agnostic Front   (US - NYC)

Agonia    (Italy)  

Agony Column  (UK)


Agression   (United States - CA, Oxnard)

Agrimensor K  

(Spain - Donostia-San Sebastián, Basque)

Aheads   (Germany - Herford)

Keine Ahnung   (East Germany)

Aids cats   (West Germany)

Ail Symudiad    (UK - Cardigan, Wales)

The Aims   (Japan - Osaka)

Airkraft   (United Kingdom - Halifax)

Airway   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Airship      (UK)            

Aivopuisto   (Finland)

AK Process   (UK - London)

AK-47   (US - TX, Houston)

AKA   (Canada)

Akne  (UK - Leeds)

A.K.O.B.   (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

AKP    (West Germany - Peine)

Aksak Mabou  (Belgium - Brussels)

Aktive Notwehr  (W. Germany-Braunschweig)

Akutní Otrava  (Czechoslovakia)


Akutt 80   (Norway)

Akutt Innleggelse   (Norway)

Aky  (United Kingdom - Bradford)

AI  (Japan)

Al Kapott   (France - Brest)

The Alarm   (UK - Rhyl, North Wales)

The Alan Milman Sect   (US)

Albany Style   (US - NY, Albany)

Albyl   (Sweden - Stockholm)

Alcoholicos Cronicos   (Spain)

Alcoholics  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Alec Empire  (Germany - West Berlin)

Alerta   (Netherlands)

Alerta Roja   (Argentina - Buenos Aires)

Willie Alexander (US - PA, Pennsylvania)

Alexandra St-Onge    (Canada)

Algebra Suicide   (US - IL, Chicago)

Alice Donut   (US - NY)

Alien   (Netherlands - Monster)

Alien Birth  (US - PA,Pennsylvania)

Alien Blood Transfusion  (US)

Alien Kulture   (UK - London)

Alien Sex Fiend   (UK - London)

Aliens   (United Kingdom - Scotland)

Allegiance to No One  (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

All For One   (UK - NY, brooklyn)

All Night Movies   (US - MI, Port Huron)

All Over the Carpet  

(UK - Huddersfield/Honley)

All Systems Go!  (Canada)

All White Jury   (US - Washington DC)

Alle Tiders Duster   (Norway)

The Allegiance   (US - PA, Columbia)

Allegiance to No One (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

The Aller Værste   (Norway)

Allergy  (US - FL, Gainsville)

The Alley Cats  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Allied  (United States - MI, Detroit)

The Allies (Canada - Ontario, Toronto)

Die Alliierten  (W. Germany - Cologne)

GG Allin  (US - Manchester, NH)

Almighty Lumberjacks of Death

(US - MI, Detroit)

Alone in a Crowd    (US - NYC)

Alphaville   (Spain - Madrid)

Alpha Hopper   (US - NY, Buffalo)

Alptraum GMBH  (W. Germany - Wuppertal)

The Alsatians   (UK - London)

Alter Boys   (US -  NYC)

Altercation   (US - NY, Brooklyn)

Altar De Fey (US - CA, San Francisco)

Alter Drown  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Alternativ Norge   (Norway)

Alternative  (Scotland - Dunfermline)

Alternative TV   (UK - London)

Aluminum  Knot  Eye  

(US - WI, Haunchyville/Milwaukee)

Ama-Dots   (US - WI, Milwaukee)

Amateur Gynecologists   (US - NH, Lee)

The Amazing Royal Crowns     (US)

Amazorblades  (UK - Brighton)

The Amber Squad   (UK - Leicester)

Ambient Noise   (US - NY, Albany)

Ambition Mission  (US)

Amdi Petersens Arme  

(Denmark - Copenhagen)

Ambulance  (United States)

A.M.D.   (Hungary - Budapest)

Amebix   (United Kingdom - Bristol)

Ameisensäure   (West Germany - Munich)

Amen   (Finland - Helsinki)

Amenity  (United States - CA,  San Diego)

American Cheeseburger   (US - GA, Athens)

American Devices  (Canada - Quebec, Montreal)

American Dream (US - PA, Bethlehem)

American Eagle (US - NY, Brooklyn)

The American Ruse    (UK)

American Hate  (US - Ok City)

American Social Holocaust  (US - CA, Pleasant Hill)

The American Soul Spiders  (Japan)

American Standard   (US - New Jersey)

American Static  (Canada)

The Americatz  (US - MI, Detroit)

Amichi Della Terra  (Mexico)


Amoebas in Chaos  

(US - IN, Bloomington -> MA,  Boston)

Amorphous Androgynous  (UK)

Amos and Sara   (UK - London)

The Amps  (United States - NY, Millwood)  

AMQA   (United States - WA, Seattle)

Amyl and The Sniffers    (Australia - Melbourne)

An Invitation  (US - VA, An Invitation)

Anabollic Steroids  (UK - London)

Anarchy Boys  (China - Beijing)

Andy California   (US)

Années Zero  (France)

Anatomi- 71  (Sweden - Kriistinehamn)

The Antipatix  (Germany - Leipzig)

Anxtv  (Italy - La Spezia)

Ape Rites  (Switzerland, Zurich)

Asid   (UK)

Avfall   (Japan)

Avskum  (Sweden)

Anacon  (Japan)

Anaeroba  (Slovenia)

Anagram  (Canada - Oshawa)

Anakonda (Norway)

Anal  (West Germany - Flensburg)

The Anal Fleas (UK - Southampton)

Argument?  (Germany, Berlin)

Armed Response Unit   (UK)

Armia   (Poland)

Armistice   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Thee Armless Teddies  (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

Armor  (US - FL, Tallahassee)

Arms Aloft   (US)

The Arms of Someone New

(US -  IL, Champaign)

Janet Armstrong   (UK - Orpington)

Army Call Up Test   (Japan - Tokyo)

Arnaud Le Goueffec    (France)

Arnes Plasthjärna   (Sweden - Trollhättan)

The Arnold Incorporated   (UK - Kent)

Arresting Officers (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Arroganta Agitatorer   (Sweden)

Arrotzak (Spain - Donostia (Basque Country)

Arse  (Australia, Sydney)

Arse  (Finland)

Arson   (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

Art    (United States - NYC)

A.R.T  (France - Paris)

The Art Attacks   (UK - London)

Art in Disorder   (Denmark - Herlev)

Art Failure   (UK - Nottingham)

Arctic Flowers    (US - OR, Portland)

Artistic Decline    (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Art Object    (US)

Art Objects   (United Kingdom - Bristol)

Art Phag      (US)

Art Thieves   (US - WI, Green Bay

The Art Of Noise  (UK)

Art Yard    (United States - MA, Boston)

Artacus Eaght  (US -  NYC)

Arteries  (US - OR, Portland)

Artery    (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

Arthur's Dilemma  (US - NY)

Articles of Faith  (US - IL, Chicago)

Artificial Peace   (US - Washington D.C)

Artless   (West Germany - Cologne)

The Artratz   (Netherlands)

Aryan Disgrace  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Asbest    (Denmark - Copenhagen)  

Asbestos   (Japan - Shinagawa, Tokyo)

Asbestos Rockpyle   (US)

Ascending  (Germany)

Ascot Stabber  (Australia - Brisbane)

Asexuals    (Canada - Quebec, Montreal)

Asid   (UK - London)

Askandarna   (Sweden)

Asocial    (Sweden)

Asociales    (Chile)

Asod Dvi    (Norway - Bodø)

Asphalt Jungle   (France - Paris)

Aspidistra    (France - Juvisy-sur-Orge)

Assassins  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Assassins   (United Kingdom)

Assassins of Hope   (UK - London)

Assault   (Japan - Tokyo)

Assfort   (Japan - Tokyo)

Asta Kask   (Sweden - Töreboda)

The Astronauts   (UK - Welwyn Garden City)

The Asteroids    (US)

Asylum   (UK - Stoke-on-Trent)

Asylum   (UK - Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Asylum Kids   (South Africa)

ATA  (United Kingdom - Merseyside)

Atack Epiléptico (Brazil - Belo Horizonte)

Ataque De Sonido   (Colombia)

Ataque Frontal   (Peru - Lima)

Ataúd Vacante (Spain - Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Atavistic   (UK - Whitstable, kent)

ATB   (Canada - Meaford, Ontario)

Athanas Davenport   (US - TX, San Antonio)

Atila   (United States - CA,  Los Angeles)

The Atlantics  (US - MA, Boston)

Atomic Dilemma   (US - CO, Denver)

Atomic Thinkers   (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Atonal   (East Germany - Freiberg)

Atoxxxico   (Mexico - Mexico City)

The Atrix    (Ireland - Dublin)

Atrox   (United Kingdom - Dorchester)

Atrox   (Italy)

Attack and Decay   (US - MI, Berkley)

Attack and the Fun   (US - OR, Eugene)

Attacked Noise   (Switzerland)

Attack SS  (Japan - Nagoya)

Attak   (United Kingdom - New Mills)

Attanas  (Finland - Lappohja)

Attaque 77   (Argentina - Buenos Aires)

Attax   (Switzerland)

The Attendants    (UK)

The Attendants    (France)

L' Attentat   (East Germany - Leipzig)

Attentat    (Sweden - Gothenburg)

Attention Span   (US - IL, Chicago)

Attic Ted  (US - TX, San Marcos)

Attila the Stockbroker  (UK - Southwick)

Attitude   (US - CA, San Francisco)

Attitude Adjustment  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Attrition   (United Kingdom - Coventry)

Ätzer 81   (West Germany - Stuttgart)

Ätztussis   (West Germany - Berlin)

Au Pairs   (UK - Birmingham)

Audio Leter   (US - WA, Seattle)

Audio Torture   (UK - Wiltshire)

Auerbach  (UK)

Auktion  (Sweden - Umea)

Don Austin  (US - OH, Akron)

Aunt Helen   (US - NY, Buffalo)

Auróra   (Hungary)

Aus 98   (W. Germany - Bingen am Rhein)

Ausbruch   (West Germany - Aachen)

Ausgang   (UK - Birmingham)

Ausweis   (France - Fontenay)

Autarkia  (Mexico)

Autarch     (US - NC, Asheville)

Autechre  (UK - Manchester)

Autentisk Film   (Norway - Bergen)

Authentic Virtues   (US - CA, Yuba City)

The Authorities   (US - CA, Stockton)

Autistic Behavior   (US - PA, Philadelphia)

The Autistics    (US - CA, San Diego)

Autistic Youth    (US - OR, Portland)

Autoclave (US - WA, Olympia)

Autographs   (UK - London)

Automod   (Japan - Tokyo)

Autonomia  (Peru)

Auonomy   (US - IL, Carbondale)

Anonomy   (US - CA, Huntington Beach)

Autopsia  (Peru - Lima)

Autopsia   (Yugoslavia)

Autumn Poison  (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

AV   (Canada - BC, Vancouver)

A/V Murder   (US - IL, Chicago)

Avail   (United States - VA, Richmond)

Avanti Dilettanti   (W. Germany - Hamburg)

The Avant Gardeners (UK)

Avengers   (US - CA, San Francisco)

Avfall   (Sweden - Helsingborg)

Axe Rash   (Sweden - Stockholm)



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Anarchy    (Japan - Tokyo)

Anarchijos Invazija   (Lithuania)

Anarchy 6   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Anarcólatras  (Brazil)

Anarka and Poppy  (UK - Preston)

Anarkía  (Chile)

Tarja Anarkia  (Finland)

Anathema  (United Kingdom - Liverpool)

Andanada 7   (Spain - Madrid)

Anders Angst  (Sweden - Umeå)

The Anemic Boyfriends    (US&Canada)

Laurie Anderson  (US - IL)

Andrea Mingardi Supercircus  (Italy)

The Androidss  (New Zealand)

The Androids  (UK - Belfast, N. Ireland)

The Androids of Mu  (UK - London)

Andy Human And The Reptoids  

(US - CA, Oakland)

The Anemic Boyfriends

(US - AK, Anchorage)

Aneurysm  (US - MA, Boston)

Anfall   (Norway)

Angela Rippon's Bum  (UK - Tilbury)

Angelic Upstarts   (UK - South Shields)

Anger  (Hungary)

Angie  Moeth (Austria - Vienna)

Angor Wat  (Norway - Trondheim)

The Angry  (United Kingdom - Yorkshire)

Angry Ducks   (Japan - Tokyo)

Angry Red Planet   (US - MI, Detroit)  

Angry Samoans  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Angry Youth  (US - NC, Knoxville)

Angst   (US - CO Denver)

Angylion Stanli   (UK)

Ani(x)vax  (W. Germany - Münster)

Animal Farm  (UK - London)

Animal Slaves  (Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Animals & Men  (UK - Frome)

The Animated  (UK)

Animation  (UK)

AninoKo    (Philippians ---> US)

Aninoko  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Annihilation Time  (US)

Annoyed  (United States - MA, Boston)

Anonymous   (US - WA, Olympia)

Anorexia  (UK - Watford, Hetfordshire)

Anorexic Dread  (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

Another   (Netherlands)

Another Destructive System  

(US - CA, Canoga Park)

Another Fine Mess   (UK)

Another Influence  (Spain - Valencia)

Another Man's Poison  (UK - Cambridgeshire)

Another Joe   (Canada)

ANS  (US - TX, Denton)

Ante Bellum  (United States)

Antheads  (Canada)

Anthem  (New Zealand - New Plymouth)

Anthrax  (UK - Gravesend)

Antibody  (US)

Antibodies   (Canada - Charlottetown)

Antidote  (US)

Anti  (United States - CA, Los Angeles)

Anti  (Japan - Osaka)

Anti Avans  (Sweden)

Anti Band  (US - CA, Hollywood)

The Anti-Bodies  (US - IL, Chicago)

Anti-Cimex  (Sweden - Gothenburg)

Antics  (UK - Leeds)

Antics  (France)

Anti-Dogmatikss  (Spain - Barcelona)

Antidon'ts  (US - FL)

Anti Establishment   (UK  - Epping Essex)

Anti-Flag  (US - PA, Pittsburgh)

Anti-Heros  (United States - GA, Atlanta)

Anti-Heroes   (W. Germany - Oberhausen)

Anti Hund-Mina  (Sweden)

Anti KS    (France - Nanterre)

Anti-Matter  (US - NYC)

Antimob  (Greese - Athens)

Anti Nowhere League  (UK - Kent)

Anti Pasti  (United Kingdom - Derby)

Anti-Product  (US - NY)

Anti Scrunti Faction  (US - CO, Boulder)

AntiSeptic   (Japan)

Anti-Social  (UK - Blackpool)

Anti State Control  (UK - Great Dunmow)

Anti - System  (UK - Bradford)

Anti-Todo  (Columbia)

Anti-Toxin  (West Germany - Versmold)

Anti You  (Italy - Rome)

Antics  (United Kingdom - Leeds)

Antidote  (United States - NYC)

Antidote  (Netherlands - Hoorn)

Antidote  (United Kingdom)

Antidrasi  (Greece - Athens)

Antietam  (United States - NYC)

Antischism   (US - SC, Columbia)

Antisect  (United Kingdom - Daventry)

Antiseen  (United States - NC, Charlotte)

Antisocial  (UK - Blackpool)

Antitrott   (East Germany)

Antler Joe and the Accidents  

(US - FL, Fort Myers)

Annie Anxiety Bandez   (UK - London)


Anxiety   (United States - CA, San Jose)

Any Three Initials  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Any Trouble  (UK - Manchester)

AOA  (UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

A.O.T. (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Äpärät  (Finland - Nurmo)

Apartment  (UK - Bristol)

Apathy  (United States - NE, Omaha)

Apatia  (Poland)


A.P.F. Brigade  (UK - Peterborough)

Aphasia  (US - PA, Pittsburgh)

Aphex Twin  (UK)

Apocalypse  (US - CA, Walnut)

Apocalypse Hoboken (US - IL, Chicago)

Apostasy  (Canada - Surrey, BC)

The Apostles  (UK - London)

Appäratus   (Malaysia - Lumpur)

Appendix  (Finland - Pori)

A.P.P.L.E  (US - NYC)

Appliances  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Appliances SFB  (US - WI, Madison)

Apsurd  (UK)

Apteka  (Poland - Gdynia)

Arsene Obscene  (France)

Arch Criminals  (United Kingdom)

Archers Of Loaf  (US - North Carolina)

Architects Office  (US - CO, Boulder)

Arcwelder  (US - MN, Minneapolis)

Arhivska Zabava   (Yugoslavia - Belgrade)

Armitage Shanks  (UK - Kent)

Arkansaw Man  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Arm the Insane (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Armchair Martian  (US - CO, Fort Collins)

Armagedom (Brazil)

Apartmenrt 213  (US - OH, Cleveland)

A.R.D.  (Brazil - Brasília)

Armatrak (New Zealand - Auckland)

Armed Citizens   (US - NYC)