Dirty Junk   (US -  MN, Minneapolis)

Disappointed A Few People   (Canada)

Discard   (Sweden)

Discharge    (UK - Stoke-on-Trent)

The Disciples of Jim Jones  (Australia - Adelaide)

Disciplinary Action  (US - NY, long Island)

Disclaim   (Japan - Yokohama)

Disclose   (Japan)

Disco Junk  (Ustralia - Melbourne)

The Disco Students  (UK - Aylesbury)

The Disco Zombies   (UK - Leicester)

Discolokosst  (Switzerland - Geneva)

Discords   (Canada - Quebec, Montreal)

Disease   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

Disease  (Spain)

Disfear     (Sweden)

Disgorge   (Belgium - Laakdal)

Disgrace   (Netherlands)

Disgrace   (United States - NYC)

Disgrace    (Japan)

Disgrace   (France)

Disgust   (Neatherlands)

Disgust   (UK)

Disgust  (US)

Disgust   (Japan)

Diskonto   (Sweden - Uppsaia, Stockholm)

Diskordia   (Chili - Curico)

Disharmonic Ballet   (Czechoslovakia)

Dishonorable Discharge  (Norway - Olso)

The Dishes   (Canada - Ontario, Toronto)

The Dishrags   (Canada - BC, Victoria)

Disidentes   (Spain - Valladolid)

Disprove   (Japan - Tokyo)

Disniy Girls   (Norway)

Disolución Social   (Mexico - Monterrey)

Disorder   (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Disorder   (UK - Bristol)

Disorder   (UK - Sunderland)

Disrupters   (UK - Norwich)

Dissekerad  (Sweden)

Distemper    (UK)

Distorshaus  (UK)

District 7   (Canada)

Die Angst  (Germany)

Die Kapelle  (Denmark - Helsingør)

Die Kripos   (Netherlands)

Die Form    (France)

Diehards  (New Zealand)

Die Krupps  (Germany)

Diestinct   (Sweden - Sundsvall)

Diet of Worms   (US - OK, Norman)

Rudolph Dietrich   (Switzerland - Zurich)

Diffi-Cult   (US - OH, Cleveland)

Digital Dance   (Belgium - Brussels)

The Digits   (United Kingdom)

Digos Gaot   (Italy)

The Dik Van Dykes   (Canada - Ontario, Hamilton)

The Dilemmas   (UK - London)  

Dillinger Four  (US - MN, St. Paul)

Din A Testbild   (W. Germany - Berlin)

Dioxina  (Italy - Rimini)

Direct Action   (Canada - Ontario, Toronto)

Direct Action   (UK - Wales)

Direct Approach  (Canada)

Direct Control    (US)

DMZ   (US - MA, Boston)

D.N.A.   (Malaysia)

DNA  (US - New York)

DNA  (Sweden)

Direct Hits   (UK - London)

The Directions   (UK - London)

Directors  (United Kingdom - Bristol)

Direct Attack  (US)

Dirge   (United States - NJ, Holmdel)

Dirge   (United Kingdom - Leicester)

Dirt   (United Kingdom - London)

Dirt Shit   (Austria - Vienna)

Dirty Actions   (Italy - Gnova)

Dirty Deeds   (Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur)

Dirty District   (France - Sèvres)

Dirty Joy   (Italy - Mestre)

Dirty Looks   (US - NY, Staten Island)

The Dirty Scums   (Belgium - Zwevezele)

Disability  (US - CA, North Hollywood)

Disaccord   (Sweden - Småland)

Disaffect  (UK - Glasgow,Scotland)

Disappointed Parents   (US - LA, New Orleans)

Disarm  (Sweden - Gothenburg)

Disarm   (Italy)

Disarray  (Japan - Sendai)

Disaster   (United Kingdom - Halifax)

Disaster Area   (West Germany - Berlin)

Discarga  (Brazil)

Discript   (Japan, Tokyo)

Disjawn  (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Disorderly Conduct   (US - FL, Melbourne)

Disorderly Conduct   (US - GA, Atlanta)

Disper-azione   (Italy)

The Displaced   (US -  MI, Detroit)

Displaced Aggression   (US - NY, Troy)

The Dispositions   (US - NYC)

The Dispossessed   (US - CT, East Hartford)

Disrupters   (UK - Norwich)

Dissekerad  (Sweden)

Dissension  (US - CA, Long beach)

Dissension    (US -  Connecticut)

Dissidents   (UK - Scotland)

Johnny Dissidents    (Indonesia)

Dissonance  (United States - MI, Flint)

Distemper   (United Kingdom - Scotland)

Dissent   (US - SD, Rapid City)

Distemper  (UK - Scotland)

Distorsion   (Spain)

Distorted   (UK - Wokingham)

Distorted Levels  (US - NY, Rochester)

Distorted Samurais   (Japan - Tokyo)

Distorted Truth  (UK - Glasgow, Scotland)

Distorted Truth  (Australia)

Distortion   (Sweden)

Distortion   (UK - Merseyside)

The Distractions   (UK - Manchester)

Distress   (West Germany)

Distress   (US)

Distress   (Italy - Poviglio)

Distress   (Russia)

The Districts    (US - PA, Lititz)

The Distributors  (UK - Wakefield)

Distrust   (Sweden)

Disturb   (Japan - Himeji)

Disturbing Facts   (United Kingdom)

The Disturbed   (UK - Glasgow, Scotland)

Divine Horsemen  (US - CA, Los Angeles)


Divine Right    (Canada - BC)

Divine Right   (US - IL, Chicago)

Division 4   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Divert Off Centre   (UK - Blackpool)

The Divided   (US - CA, Orange County)

Divorcer  (Canada - Vancouver)

Division of Laura Lee  (Sweden - Vanersburg)

DMZ  (US - MA, Boston)

Do Řady!   (Czechoslovakia - Teplice)

Jędrzej Dmochowski  (UK - Warwick)

DOA   (Canada -  BC, Vancouver)

Doble Fuerza   (Argentina)

Doc Oi     (Japan - Saitama)

Doc Wör Mirran   (W. Germany - Nürnberg)

Docteur Destroy   (France)

Doctor and the Crippens  (UK - Lancaster)

Doctors Of Madness  (UK)

Doctor Mix and the Remix  (France - Paris)

Doctors' Mob  (US - TX, Austin)

Döden   (Sweden)

The Dodgems   (UK - Brighton)

D.O.G.  (US - PA, Pittsburgh)

The Dog Needles   (Japan - Tokyo)

Doggy Style   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Dogmatic Element   (UK - Bangor, N. Ireland)

Dogmatics   (US -  MA,Boston)

The Dogs   (France - Rouen)

The Dogs (US - MI, Detroit -> CA, Los Angeles)

The Dogs   (Norway - Osio)

The Dogs   (United States - IA, Decorah)

Dog Shephard  (US - New York)

Tommy Dog   (US - NYC)

Dog Detachment   (S. Africa - Johannesburg)

Dog Faced Hermans  (UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

Dog Fashion Disco   (US)

Dogmatists  (Malaysia - Kuala, Lumpur)

The Boize  (US)

Doku-Buta   (Japan - Tokyo)

Dolbies   (Netherlands)

The Dole   (UK - Peterborough)

Johnny Dole and the Scabs  (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Doll baby  (US - VA, Richmond)

The Doll   (United Kingdom - London)

Domain   (Germany)

Dom Där   (Sweden - Hultsfred)

Dominant Force  (US - MA, Boston)

Dominant Patri   (UK - Luton)

Domino Theory   (US - AZ, Phoenix)

Domino Theory   (US - CA, San Francisco)

Dom Jolly  (UK - Glasgo)

Don Don   (Japan - Suginami, Tokyo)

Don't  (US - OR, Portland)

Don't No   (US - CA, Oxnard)

Donald Duck's Skins   (Italy - Parma)

Donald's Horden   (W. Germany - Limburg)

The Donkeys   (UK - Wakefield)

The Doo   (US - TX, Dallas)

Doo-Dooettes   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Doof   (United Kingdom - London)

Doom   (Japan - Tokyo)

Doomed on Planet Earth (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Dooms Day   (Japan)

Doomsday Massacre   (US - TX, Houston)

Doomsday Student   (US)

Doom Town    (US - MO, St louis)

The Door and the Window   (UK - London)

The Dootz   (US - Hyattsville, MD)

Doppelplusungut  (W.Germany - Flensburg)

Dororo   (Japan - Osaka)

D.O.S.   (United Kingdom - Carlisle)

Dose Brutal   (Brazil)

Dot 3   (United States - CA, Los Altos)

Dot Vaeth Group   (US - TX, Fort Worth)

Dots  (US - OR, Portland)

The Dots   (Australia)

Nickey & the Dots   (UK)

Double Cross   (US - CA, Sonoma)

Double Negative  (US - NC, Raleigh)

Double - O   (US - Washington D.C.)

The Doubt   (UK - Bangor, N. Ireland)

Douce Violence   (Belgium - Brussels)

Doughboys   (Canada - Quebec, Montreal)

Dow Jones & the Industrials  (US - IN,W. Lafayette)

Down Syndrome (Canada - Alberta, Edmonton)

Doxx   (Canada - Ottawa)

DPBS (Canada - Montreal)

Drowning Roses   (Germany - Miden)

Dr Anti Skval   (Sweden)

Dr. Feelgood   (UK - Canvey Island, Essex)

Dr. Know  (US - CA, Oxnard)

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice (Australia,Melbourne)

Dr. Zeke   (Sweden - Åkersberga)

Dragons   (France)

Drahdiwaber   (Austria - Vienna)

Drama  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Drastic Action   (United States)

Drastic Measures  (Canada - Ontario, Toronto)

Drats  (United States - IL, Barrington)

Drats!   (US)

Dread Yankees   (Japan - Yokosuka)

Dream Police   (Denmark - Århus)

Dream Probe   (US - IL, Champaign)

The Dream Syndicate  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Dreamt   (US)

Dred Scott  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Dredd Foole & the Din   (US - MA, Boston)

The Dregs  (United Kingdom - London)

The Dregs  (United Kingdom)

Drei Oklok   (France - Fumel)

Dresden 45   (US - TX, Houston)

Dresden 45   (Germany)

Dress Code   (United States)

Dress Up as Natives   (US - PA, Pittsburgh)

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles  (US - TX, Houston)

Drift   (Canada - Quebec)

Drill  (PA, Philadelphia)

The Drills   (US - WA, Seattle)

The Drive  (UK - Dundee, Scotland)

Droids Blood   (US -  IL, Chicago)

The Drones   (UK - Manchester)

Dronez  (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Drongos for Europe  (UK - Birminghamd)

The Droogs   (US - LA, New Orlean)

Droogs   (US -  CA, Los Angeles)

Dropdead  (US - RI, Providence)

Drop   (United Kingdom)

Dropopop   (Norway - Skien)

Dropkick Murphys  (US - MA, Boston)

Dross   (Sweden - Gavie)

Dross   (Japan)

The Drowns  (US - WA, Seattle)

The Drunken Cholos     (US)

Drunk in a Dumpster   (US - N&S Carolina)

Drunk Injuns   (US - CA, San Francisco)

Drunks With Guns   (US - Mo, St. Louis)

Drux     (Germany - Leipzig)

Johnny Vomit & The Dry Heaves  (US - MS, Corith)

Chester Vomit & the Dry Heaves   (Italy)

Dry Hump   (US - MA, Lowell)

Dryrot   (United States)

D.S.B   (Japan)

DT's   (United States)

D.T.A.L  (Sweden)

D.T.H.   (Chile)

DTR   (Sweden)

Duallein   (UK - West Sussex)

John Duart the Bedrooms of Europe  (UK)

Dub Rifles (Canada - Manitoba,Winnipeg, > Quebec/Montreal)

Duchamp   (US - Kansas City, MO)

Duchess Says  (Canada -  Quebec, Montreal)

Dennis Duck   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Duck Duck Goose  (US -  MO,St Louis)

Dudman  (Japan - Tokyo)

Duds     (UK - Manchester)

Duet  (United Kingdom)

Dukes on LSD   (W. Germany - Kassel)

The Dull   (United States - CA, Covina)

Dumb Vision  (US - WI - Madison)

Dum Dum Boys   (New Zealand - Auckland)

The Dumpies  (US - OR, Portland & TX, Austin)

Dumptruck   (United States - MA, Boston)

The Dundrells    (Canada -  Ontario, Oshawa)

Dunkle Tage   (West Germany - Göttingen)

Durango 95   (Canada - Ontario, Oshawa)

Durango 95   (Germany - Munster)

Ian Dury  (UK - UK, Harrow, Middlesex)

Der Durstige Mann   (West Germany)

Dust Bugs  (Denmark - Aalborg)

Dustheads    (US)

DVA Minuta Mržnje   (Serbia, Novi Sad)

DV8     (United States - IL, Chicago)

Dvouletá Famá   (Czechoslovakia)

Dwarves   (US - CA, San Francisco)

DXA   (United States -  MA, Boston)

The Dyaks   (United Kingdom - Croydon)

Tom Dyer   (US -  WA, Seattle)

Dying Cult   (UK - Birmingham)

Kevyn Dymond  (US - CA, Arcata)

DYS   (United States - MA, Boston)

Dystopia  (US - CA)

Boris Dzaneck  (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Dzieci Kapitana Klossa   (Poland)

DZK   (Brazil - Santo André)



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D&V   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

D7Y  (Iceland, Reykjavík)

D-Crash  (China - Beijing)

D-Day   (US - TX, Austin)

D-Fekt   (UK - Stoke-on-Trent)

D-Vision   (US - NV, Sparks)

Da   (United States - Chicago, IL)

The Dabs   (New Zealand - Auckland)

Dachau   (Finland - Hameenlinna)

Dad and the Boys   (US - MI, Detroit)

Dadá   (Chilli)

Dada   (US)

Dada Banks  (US - CT, Norwalk)

Giovanni Dadomo  (UK)

DAF   (West Germany - Düsseldorf)

Dag Nasty   (US - Washington D.C.)

Dagen D   (Sweden - Umeå)

The Daggermen   (UK - Medway)

Daggers   (Norway)

The Daggers  (Canada)

Dagowops   (W. Germany - Petershausen)

Jeff Dahl  (US - Washington D.C. --> CA, Los Angeles)

Daily Terror  (W. Germany - Braunschweig)

Dain Bramage   (US - Washington D.C.)

Daisy Hill Puppy Farm   (Iceland)

The Daleks    (United Kingdom)

The Dalex   (United Kingdom)

The Danse Society  (UK - Barnsley)

Dali's Daughter   (US -  AZ, Phoenix)

The Dalmatians  (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

Damage   (US - NYC)

Damage   (Finland)

Damage  (US - FL, Winter Park)

The Damage Done  (US - CA, San Luis)

Damaged   (Canada)

Dame   (US - MA, Boston)

Dämmerattacke  (Austria - Wiener Neustadt)

The Damned   (UK - London)

DANA  (US - OH, Columbus)

Dan   (United Kingdom - Darlington)

Danba   (Spain)

The Dancing Cigarettes   (US - IN, Bloomington)

Dance Macabre    (Netherlands)

Dangerous Birds   (US - MA, Boston)

Dangerous Girls  (UK)

Dangerous Pyjamas   (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Dangerous Rhythm  (Mexico City)

Danny and the Dressmakers  (UK - Manchester)

Danny and the Gentiles   (United States)

Danny and the Parkins Sisters  (US - CA, San Fran)

Danse Macabre   (Germany - Trier)

Danse Macabre  (UK)

Dansette Damage   (UK - Birmingham)

Dare   (US)

The Dark   (United Kingdom - London)

The Dark   (US - Washington D.C.)

Dark Age   (Switzerland)

Dark Crusade (UK - Barnsley)

Dark Motive   (US -  TX, Austin)

Dark Ride  (Italy)

The Dark Side   (US - MD, Baltimore)

Darkest Hour   (Ireland - Kilkenny)

Darlings Of Chelsea   (Canada)

Das Damen  (US - NYC)

Das Drip  (US - N.C. , Raleigh)

Dash & the Rip-Rocks  (US - WV, Morgantown)

Data Drums  (US - AR, Fayetteville)

Data Morgana   (Norway)

Dauoyflin   (Iceland - Reykjavik)

Gary Davenport  (US - TX, San Antonio)

David Microwave   (US - CA, San Francisco)

Davová Psychóza   (Czechoslovakia)

Davy and the Crocketts   (US - NY,  Buffalo)

The Dawgs   (US - MA, Boston)

Dawn of Liberty   (Belgium - Neerpelt)

Dawn Patrol   (UK - London)

Dayglo Abortions  (Canada - BC, Victoria)

Daylight Robbery   (US)

Dayshift   (United Kingdom - London)

The dB's  (US - NC, Winston / Salem -> NYC)

D.B.F.   (West Germany)

D.B.S.  (Canada)

D.C. 3    (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The DC10s   (UK - Bishopston, Wales)

D. Ceats  (US - Washington D.C.)

D-V  (US - Washington D.C.)

DDT   (United States - GA, Atlanta)

D.D.T   (Bulgaria - Sofia)

The Deacons   (US - MO, Kansas City--> WA, Olympia)

De Brassers  (Belgian)

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig  (Belgium)

De Tian   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

The De-Codes   (US - PA, Philadelphia)

The Dead   (UK - Whiteheaven)

Dead Aim   (US - VA Beach)

The Deadbeats    (US)

Dead Already  (Aulstraila - Melborne)

Dead beats   (United Kingdom)

Dead Born Babies   (Canada)

The Dead Boys   (US -  OH, Cleveland)

Dead Can Dance  (UK - Melbourne)

Dead Cops   (Japan - Tokyo)

Dead End   (United States - NY, Troy)

Dead End   (Canada - Ontario, Toronto)

Dead Ends   (Philippines - Manila)

Dead Friends 46  (US - CA)

Dead Friends  (US)

Dead Generation  (United Kingdom)

Dead Heroes  (UK - Basingstoke)

Dead Heros   (US)

Dead Hippie  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Dead Hunt  (US - OR, Portland)

Dead Image   (New Zealand - Auckland)

Dead Kennedys    (US - CA, San Francisco)

Dead Language  (US

Deadline   (US - Washington D.C.)    

Dead Man's Shadow   (UK - London)

Dead Meat   (US - IL, Chicago)

Dead Meat      (US)

Dead Meat   (Portugal)

The Dead Milkmen   (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Dead Moon   (US - OR, Portland)

Dead Nittels   (Austria - Vienna)

Die Toten Hosen  (Germany)

Dead Person   (Japan - Sendai)

Dead Pledge   (US - CA, Sacramento)

Dead Popstars   (UK - Weymouth)

Dead Scouts   (Sweden - Bollnäs)

Dead Silence   (US -  CO, Boulder)

Dead Society  (Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Dead Steelmill  (US - IL, Chicago)

Dead Swans    (UK)

Dead Swingers   (Norway - Trondheim)

Dead Virgins   (US - NY,  Long Island)

Dead Wretched   (UK - Birmingham)

Deadless Muss   (Japan - Shizuoka)

Deadlock   (Netherlands - Amsterdam)

Deadlock  (Poland - Gdansk --> Warsaw)

Deadly Intentions   (UK - Southport)

Deadspot   (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Dead Stop   (Belgium)

Deaf Aids   (United Kingdom - Sheffield)

Dean Dirg   (Germany)

The Death Army  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Death Cult   (UK - Bradford)

Death Lottery (US -  South FL)

Death by Milkfloat   (UK - Hull)

Death By Snoo Snoo   (Finland)

Death In June  (UK)

Death Midget   (US - OR, Portland)

Death Mission   (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Death Piggy   (US - VA, Richmond)

Death Puppy   (US - OK, Norman)

Death Ridge Boys  (US - OR, Portland)

Death Row   (United States)

Death of Samantha  (US - OH, Cleveland)

Death Sentence   (Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Death Sentence  (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Death Sentence   (UK - Blackpool)

Death Side   (Japan - Tokyo)

Deaththreat   (US - Memphis, Tennessee)

Deathwish   (United States - MA, Boston)

Death Wish Kids  (US - WA, Seattle)

Debbie Downers  (Perth - Australia)

Debiele Eeheid  (Netherlands - Rotterdam)

Debortion   (Australia - Adelaide, SA)

Debris  (US - OK, Chickasha)Chickasha

Debt of Nature   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Decadent Few  (United Kingdom - London)

The Decay   (Switzerland - Zurich)

Decadence Within (UK - Ledbury)

The Deceased  (UK - Wigan, Lancs)

Decibel   (Italy - Milan)

Decibelios  (Spain - El Prat de Llobregat)

Dèche  (US - OH, Cleveland)

Décima Víctima   (Spain - Madrid)

Declino  (Italy - Torino)

Decontrol   (US - PA, Philadelphia)

The Decorators   (UK- London)

The Decos    (United States)

Decry   (United States - CA, Los Angeles)

Deep Six   (Canada - Ontario, Ottawa)

Deep Wound   (US -  MA, Amherst, Westfield)

Defaite   (France - Rhone-Alpes,Lyon)

Defect  (Netherlands - Rotterdam)

The Defects   (UK - Northern Ireland)

Defect Mozgu   (Poland)

Defektno Efektni   (Yugoslavia)

The Defendants  (UK - Leamington Spa, Warwickshire)

Defensa y Justicia   (Argentina)

Defex  (United States - CO, Boulder)

Definitivos   (Belgium - Kortrijk)

Defnics   (United States - OH, Cleveland)

The Defoliants   (US - IL, Chicago)

Deformed   (United Kingdom - Lowton)

Deformed   (Denmark - Århus)

Defy  (United States - CA, Oakland)

Degenerated  (Germany)

The Degenerates   (US - TX, Houston)

Degeneration    (US - MN, Minneapolis)

The Dehumanizers   (US - WA, Seattle)

Deja Voodoo   (Canada - Quebec, Montreal)

Dekonstrukt  (Germany - Ulm)

The Del Fuegos   (US - MA, Boston)

Delincuencia Sonora   (Spain - Madrid)

The Delinquents   ( US - TX, Austin)

Delta 5      (United Kingdom - Leeds)

Delusion   (United Kingdom - Mablethorpe)

DEM    (France - Lesigny, Emerainville)

Demented Are Go   (UK - Cardiff, Wales --> London)

Demented Dinner Music   (US - MI, Walled Lake)

Dementia   (United Kingdom - Wallasey)

Dementia Precox   (US - OH, Dayton)

Demenzia Kolektiva  (Vienna - Austria)

Déments Tragiques  (France - Montpellier)

Demerit    (China - Beijing)

Demics   (Canada - London, Ontario)

Demob   (United Kingdom - Gloucester)

Demolition Squad   (UK - Wales)

Demon Preacher   (UK - London)

Den 55   (United States - CA, Oakland)

DENNIS   (Australia)

The Dentists   (United Kingdom - Kent)

Deodorant   (US - IL, Chicago)

Depo-Provera   (US - WI, Green Bay)

Deposit Man  (Finland - Oulu)

The Depraved   (UK - Leamington Spa, Warwick)

Depression   (Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Dépression   (France - Gradignan)

The Depressions  (UK - Brighton)

Deprogrammer    (US - CA, Los Angelas)

Der Stab   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Deranged Diction  (US - MT, Missoula --> WA,Seattle)

Derelicts    (US)

Derislandz   (US - NJ, Atlantic City)

Derribos Arias  (Spain - Donostia-San Sebastián, Basque)

Derrumbando Defensas  (Chili - Araucania)

Descendents   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Descontrol   (Mexico)

Descontrol   (Argentina)

Descontrolados    (Ecuador - Guayaquil)

Desechables   (Spain - Barcelona)

Des Demonas  (US - WA D.C)

Desecration  (United States - AZ, Mesa)

Desendants  (US - OR)

Desequilíbro   (Brazil)

Desordeiros   (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro)

Desorden   (Spain)

Desorden Público   (Venezuela)

Desorden Público   (Mexico)

Desperat    (Stockholm - Sweden)

The Desperate Bicycles   (UK - London)

Desperate Children   (Japan)

Desperate Measures (New Zealand - Christchurch)

Despise You   (US - Inglewood, CA)

Destitution   (W. Germany - Wörth am Rhein)

Destroy All Monsters  (US - MI, Detroit)

Destrucktions   (Finland)

Destructors   (UK - Peterborough)

Destry Hampton and the Wolves from Hell (US - CA, SF)

Desvirgheitors   (Spain - Vigo, Galicia)

Det Glade Vanvidd   (Norway)

Detention  (United States - NJ, Manville)

The Detonators   (US -  CA, San Francisco)

The Detonators  (UK - Belfast, N. Ireland)

Detonazione   (Italy)

Detox   (US -  CA, Los Angeles)

Detrito Federal   (Brazil - Brasília)

Detroit 42  (US - MI, Detroit)

Detroit   (Japan)

Deuter   (Poland - Warsaw)

Deutsche Trinkerjungend  (W. Germany - Berlin)

The Devastaters   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Deviant  (US - VA, Rickmond)

The Deviants   (US - CA, Berkeley)

Deviate   (US)

Deviated Instinct  (UK - Norwich)

Deviated Sister TV  (Italy)

Device  (France, Rouen)

The Devices   (US - TX, Dallas)

The Devil In Miss Jones (Germany - Mönchengladbach)

Devils Hole Gang  (UK - London)

Devo   (US)

Devoid    (United Kingdom - Redditch)

Devoid   (Japan)

Devoid of Faith   (US - NY, Albany)

Dewaere  (France - Saint-Brieuc, Britanny)

DeWitYourself (Netherlands - Hoorn)

Dexkoncierto   (Columbia, Medellin)

Dezerter  (Poland - Warsaw,Mazowieckie)

DG  307    (Czech)

The Dials    (UK)

The Dialtones   (Sweden)

Dianetics     (US -  IL, Chicago)

Diät   (Germany - Berlin)

Diatribe   (US - CA, San Diego)

Diatribe   (United Kingdom)

Diatribe    (Brazil)

D.I.    (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The DI's    (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Diablesse Grupp 6   (Sweden - Skövde)

Dickheads   (US - CA, San Francisco)

Dickheads  (France)

The Dickies   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Dicks   (US - TX, Austin)

Dialer   (US - PA, Philadelphia)

The Dialers (US - TX, Houston)

The Dictators  (US - NY, Bronx)

Dictatrista  (Italy - Ascoli Piceno)

Diddly Squat   (US - WA, Richland)

The Diders   (China - Beijing)

Jason Didit   (US - WA, Lynnwood)

Didjits   (US - IL, Matton)

Die   (UK)

Die Alliierten  (Germany - Wuppertal)

Die Kreuzen   (US - WI, Milwaukee)

Digi Boys   (US)

Digital Leather  (US)

The Dils   (US - CA, Los Angeles -->San Francisco)

Dillinger Four     (US - MN, St Paul)

The Di Maggio Connection  (Italy - Pisa)

Dinosaur Jr     (US)

The Diodes    (Canada - Toronto)

Diphallia  (US & Canada)

Direct Hit!  (US - WI, Milwaukee)

Dirty Deeds   (Malaysia - Kuala, Lumpur)